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e.e like i said i would never touch my ass no matter what kind stimulation pleasure i could have. So no not myself. Nor i could touch other guy. O.o that was just joke. Well who wanted to see me i showed. But i wont post pictures. I can only show where i got them e.e many of them.
Rumor has it that you are sucking your own balls as i am never on any meetings :p
O.o o.O when german company was presenting they new car bill gates said if i made cars by now they will fly to moon, and german dude told him yeah but your car would stop every km cos of most stupid things and our car without problem never stops for fourty years. So its not virus or anything serious...
O.o why you think i am not calm? Cos i joke and laugh? Haha you dont need to worry about me nikky, and i am not boy. O.o wtf. Do i really need to open new post where i ask don stuff when he brought them here already. O.o who care anyway. . . Relax.
Witcheze you are turning me on. O.o if you are boy its fine i gonna borrow tools from don i am sure he gonna let me if he can watch e.e where is don anyway to busy to tell me about his perverted side haha
Rumor has it that control panel would let don violate his ass for getting better rank and he would secretly love it. e.e rumor should be something non imaginable and here many are so boring. O.o
Well i would say one wrong move of brush is not worth of making picture. So if one woman is suffering while other earn nice money to pay for her college for her child food. I would rather saw both stop it. Its like is one person death worth of life of million. I say no. But if person is ready to do ...
ewwwwww from what i saw and what i know personaly i know what you say is way far from reality. They give them all gear free they earn almost nothing on start bigger are expenses then what they get so shit just get bigger. They do use drug on them but in quite innocent way. And when they are hooked i...
They pump her with drug after which she have no idea whats her name or who is she and then they rape her and she is all ready and willing to do anything for some more drug :) but its a lot of fun. Haha i suppose.
Yeah she can but it dont have to do nothing with what i said.