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DAMN!!! That's alot monies to lose
Same concept as sticker, but product item is marked up? Has sticker sales been a problem?

Well sheesh...totally by the book!!!
Not forgotten. Still thinking of and deeply missing you, my mafia sister.
Hmm...Discussion veering away from poll question. HA! Bit confused on the original question. Isn't a non AP item basically equivalent to a GA item? Which any account that has create privilege is allowed to do. But people got items that are ap and they not ap and imvu did not disable their account! M...
Gold is illusive for me as well. So many shades from old to greenish to bright yellow. Will have to dig for gold plate i like and share.
Hydra Last exporters i know that work is for 3ds Max 2016, which is what i use. It has been awhile so exporters may not be needed with fbx format. Master weighted files download As far as videos for clothing t...
When exporting xsf were you on the root node? Also i see xform in the naming of file. Did you use xform modifier? Generally that is not used for VU meshing. When i have used it screws up orientation Also, are vertices then weighted properly?
DataMine wrote:
We need to start getting together on IMVU and make things happen again. Sounds like a good reason to finish our events system.


Count me in!!! i will be there.
ROFL BM is single handedly keeping VU beating