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OP Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:57 am
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:star: Visual updates to the following pages to make using them much easier and less frustrating:

  1. Manage drafts
    • This page lets you view, edit and delete drafts you have saved. Drafts are posts or topics you've started but haven't finished. For example, lets say you're creating a new topic but don't get to finish typing it, you can save it and load it another day to finish and post it.

  2. Manage bookmarks
    • This page lets you view and delete your bookmarks. Bookmarks are topics you want to go back to and read later. They are exactly like traditional bookmarks in your web browser except instead of websites, they let you save topics on our site.

  3. Manage subscriptions
    • This page lets you view and delete all of the topics and forums you have subscribed to. Subscribing to a topic will send you an email when someone posts a new reply to it. Subscribing to a forum will send you an email whenever someone creates a new topic in that forum.


:star: Update to the Private Message folders

The folders have been given a visual upgrade to make them less cluttered and easier to make sense of for newcomers.

An open button has been add to each PM to make it easier for newcomers to learn how to open their messages as well as give veteran members something they can click on easier and faster.

@don von alpha dom
Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:19 pm
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Cool. I only ever use the drafts page out of those 3. As an admin, I am subscribed to all threads by default. Great work though. I am sure our members appreciate your hard work.

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