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Ever been on a date where you do not know what to talk about. The silence can become unnerving and can ruin your date. Well, here are 585 questions written by me, to show your date that you are interested in them. Use these questions to get to know your partner better and fall even deeper in love with them.

Feel free to reorder the questions and skip around them a bit. Once I reach 2,000 questions, I plan on writing a paragraph for each one and turing it into a book to help couples / singles.

Communicating Your Way Into A Deeper Relationship

001) If you were a geometric shape, what shape would you be?
002) Are there any songs that make you think of me?
003) If you were alone in my apartment and could go through my stuff, what would you do?
004) Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?
005) Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
006) If you could steal any street sign, which one would you steal?
007) Do you like to use post-it notes?
008) Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
009) Do you feel comfortable telling me your bra size?
010) Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
011) What is your astrological sign?
012) Do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays?
013) Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them?
014) If a deaf person swears, does his mother wash his hands with soap?
015) What was the best thing before sliced bread?
016) Whose cruel idea was it for the word lisp to have an "s" in it?
017) If you are driving at the speed of light and you turn on your headlights, what happens?
018) Why don't sheep shrink in the rain?
019) Isn't is a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice?"
020) If you could make me do anything for you what would it be?
021) Do you feel comfortable telling me your bra size?
022) Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
023) Do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays?
024) Do you believe in public displays of affection?
025) Do you have in favorite words to hear?
026) Do you have in favorite words to say?
027) What does it feel like to be loved by me?
028) If you could be any age for just one day what age would you be?
029) What kind of clothing do you feel most sexy in?
030) Do you have any goals that are important to you?
031) What is the best thing about men?
032) Is there anything mysterious about me you wish to know?
033) Do you think santa would be willing to leave me under your tree for Christmas?
034) If I bite myself, would you let me kiss it and make it better?
035) When you look at a woman, what is the first thing you notice?
036) What is your favorite board game?
037) Would you ever want to own your own company?
038) What is the strangest thing you ever brought home when you were a little kid?
039) What makes you feel secure and safe?
040) If your dear friends wanted you to donate eggs because they were infertile, would you do so?
041) Other than hot topic, what are your favorite stores at the mall?
042) What does happiness mean to you?
043) How often do you listen to Enya?
044) What in your opinion is the most romantic movie you've seen?
045) What is the most romantic / memorable scene in that movie?
046) Why do you call me a good boy sometimes?
047) Does mud wrestling sound fun, want to?
048) If I kissed your stomach would it tickle you?
049) Is the roof of your mouth ticklish?
050) Do you like to be spanked?
051) If a man was striping and had to leave on 1 article of clothing, what would it be?
052) How about a woman?
053) When you hear moaning, what is your first reaction?
054) When you have an orgasm how do you feel?
055) If I were to ask you for sex, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?
056) Is there such a thing as too much cleavage?
057) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
058) Do you have any favorite card games?
059) Would you accept money for sex?
060) What is the weirdest place you have masturbated?
061) Do you like to rub your nipples?
062) Do you have a favorite porn flick to watch while masturbating?
063) Do you remember how old you were when you first masturbated?
064) What is the most times you have masturbated in a day?
065) What percentage of the time do you reach orgasm through masturbation?
066) When you orgasm does your body go into convulsions?
067) When you orgasm do your nipples get hard?
068) When you masturbate, does your pussy make noise from being wet?
068) Have you ever masturbated while on your period?
069) Ever keep you clothes on when you masturbate?
069) Have you ever used ice cube? What body part did you use it with?
070) Do you like to talk dirty to yourself when you masturbate?
071) Do you play with your nipples when you masturbate?
072) Do you look at yourself in a mirror when you masturbate?
073) Have you ever masturbated from reading erotic stories you have written?
074) Have you ever been caught masturbating? By whom?
075) Usually, how long do your orgasms last?
076) Do you put your fingers in your pussy when you masturbate?
077) What is the most number of fingers you have gotten in your pussy?
078) When you take your fingers out, do you lick them? If yes, do you like your taste?
079) How would you describe the taste and consistency?
080) When you take your fingers out, do you rub them on your body? What body part?
081) Have you ever masturbated with a toy? What?
082) Have you ever masturbated with a food? What?
083) What is the most orgasms you have had in one session?
084) If you had a tail would you masturbate with it?
085) Do you carve pumpkins every year?
086) Are you a bad influence?
087) Nude beach yes or no?
088) Have you ever milked an animal?
089) What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?
090) What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
091) Who's your favorite Muppet?
092) What's your favorite school supply?
093) Where were you on September 11, 2001?
094) May we lay and talk like this forever?
095) I want to twerk you, would you let me?
096) tell me a story about you, maybe about ghosts.
097) do you read any magazines?
098) what is your favorite TV show?
099) where do you like to be tickled?
100) Do you have anything hanging on the walls of your room?
101) Would you let me wash your back?
102) what should I know about you?
103) What do you think about facial hair?
104) what would you do if I?
105) if I made a will and left everything to you, would that be ok?
106) may I read to you tonight?
Massage: “What if I…?”
107) take off her shirt?
108) drape a sheet over her?
109) push hair off to the sides?
110) press my fingers into the firmness of the back of your neck?
111) roll my thumbs and the tips of my fingers over your muscles?
112) press my palms into one your shoulders?
113) knead your muscles, moving your skin over them?
114) and then do the same to same to your other shoulder?
115) if I work my way down the middle of your back, pushing the skin back up and out to the sides?
116) grab onto the balls of your hips and roll the clockwise, followed by counter clockwise?
117) would you let me kiss you?
118) Do you ever sing in the shower ?
119) If you won the lottery, how would you spend it?
120) What holiday do you enjoy most?
121) Do you wear seatbelts?
122) Do you ever dance when you think no one is looking?
123) What were you thinking when we first meet?
124) If you had to give a movie of your life a title, what would it be?
125) Besides the most obvious one, which 2 areas of your body are most sensitive? Neck, thighs, feet
126) Would you feel comfortable telling me about your first crush?
127) What is your favorite body part on a man or woman?
128) If someone told you they saw me with another girl, what would you do?
129) What was the first thing I did that caused you to feel love for me?
130) If you could have any sex toy what would it be?
131) How do you picture a perfect life?
132) When you are sick, do you like to be completely alone, or would you let me pamper you?
133) If you could have any question answered without physical gain, what would it be?
134) Do you have any birthmarks?
135) Are you right or left handed?
136) what does your mind do as you fall asleep?
137) like it better when I send you love notes or speak them over the phone?
138) do you have any favorite spices?
139) what do you normally think about to pass time at school?
140) how do you go between classes at school?
141) do you pity me?
142) What is your favorite animal, would you like to be that animal?
143) how can you tell that I love you, is there something I do that make you feel extra loved?
144) Do you have a favorite actor?
145) Where would you like to go on a first date?
146) What do you usually do when watching a movie?
147) Is there anything I should learn how to cook?
148) Would you trust me enough to help you pick out lingerie, how about a dress?
149) Do you ever talk about me when I’m not listening?
150) If a bear came up to us in the woods, what would you do?
151) If I drew up a hot bath with red and black rose petals and dimly light by candles, would you lay in it with me?
152) Do you like breakfast in bed?
153) Would you let me feed you fresh fruit and fan you with a large black feather?
154) Why are you with me?
155) What are you most passionate about?
156) Is there anything you would like to do together?
157) If I ever bought you a teddy bear, would you be offended, or find it cute?
158) What are 3 things you really want to do before you die?
159) Do you believe in soul mates?
159) Do you feel trapped when I let you know that I am going to chase you for ever. You know, even if I ever catch you, I will continue chasing you because I won‘t believe it.
160) How do you feel about me posting faster when I’m horny, being able to control me like that?
161) Are you free tomorrow night? Then lets do anything you want tomorrow night.
162) You look way too hot to be real, it makes me fear that my pictures are fake…computer generated. Can you promise me that they are real, so that I may feel better?
163) Oh [insert name here], you turn me on so much, can you give me private lessons? Anything you want to teach me. *crosses fingers for sex*
164) What size shoes do you where?
165) Favorite vegetable?
166) Reading any good books?
167) Do you chew gum, what kind?
168) Do you have a favorite tree?
169) What fictional character or species would you like to be?
170) Why are man whole covers round?
171) What would I find in your refrigerator?
172) Would you be willing to trade places with me for a week?
173) If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?
174) If you were a type of food, what type of food would you be?
175) What do you like on your salad?
176) If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
177) What's the most important part of the sandwich?
178) On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy do I make you?
179) Do you throw up gang signs?
180) Have you ever broken a rib?
181) Do you watch the Grammys?
182) Would you ever work for the border patrol?
183) Do you have a porn collection?
184) Do you worry about global warming?
185) Do you like polar bears?
186) What’s your opinion on gold diggers?
187) Are you a country or city girl/boy?
188) Do you want to hit something?
189) Ever get curious and try on your parents clothing?
190) How old were you when you found out Santa was not a jolly man, but your Mom and Dad?
191) Paper or Plastic?
192) What CD are you ashamed to admit you own and listen to?
193) Do watch a like reality television?
194) Real or fake boobies?
199) Favorite Pattern?
201) Favorite Smell - mango pomegranate
202) If you could spend a whole evening alone with anyone in the world who is currently alive and whom you don't already know, whom would you select?
203) If you could spend a whole evening alone with anyone in History who you choose and why?
204) If you could spend a whole evening alone with any one fictional character (literature or film), whom would you choose and why?
205) If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment and stay there for one week, where would you go and why?
206) Whom, if anyone, would you take with you?
207) If you could change one of your physical characteristics, what would you change?
208) If you could have a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would the house be like?
209) If you could suddenly possess an extraordinary talent in one of the arts, what would you like it to be?
210) If you could be instantly fluent in one language that you don't already speak, which would it be?
211) If you could own only one single object (not a TV, radio, stereo, or communications device) that could fit into a breadbox - something you had to keep and could never sell - what would it be?
212) If you could have a starring role in any movie already made, which role and which movie would it be?
213) If you had to relive any one year of your life but were unable to change anything about it, which year would you relive?
214) If you were to be painted or sculpted by any artist in History, whom would you choose, what would the pose be like, what would you be wearing, what objects would be shown with you, etc.?
215) If you were stranded forever on a desert island and could have only three books to read, which would you choose?
216) If you could personally witness any event in History, which event would you choose?
217) If you could own one painting or sculpture, but couldn't sell it, which painting would you own?
218) If you could have chosen a first name, other than the one you have, which name would you choose?
219) If you could play any musical instrument brilliantly, which would you choose?
220 If you had $100 to buy a present, what would you buy and for who?
221) If you could keep only one article of clothing that you currently own, and the rest would be thrown out, what would you keep?
222) If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you give up?
223) If you were to be recognized in history for one thing, what would you like to be known for?
224) If you had to move permanently to a different place, and all those you love would come with you, where would you move?
225) Who can you impersonate best?
226) If you could have one street named after you, where would it be and what would be its exact name?
227) If you could have one meal from your past exactly as it was, which meal would you repeat?
228) If you could have a soundtrack to your life, name one or two songs for each year of your life.
229) If you could be blessed with one born preternatural ability, which would you choose?
230) If you had to have a dinner party for 6, what would you serve and how?
231) If you could invite to dinner 6 people from History, whom would you invite?
232) Would you rather win a Nobel, Pulitzer, Oscar, or Grammy? Or is there another prize you'd rather win than any of these?
233) If you had to sum up the meaning of life in one sentence, how would you do so?
234) Could you do it with one word?
235) If you could enact or eradicate three laws in your country, which would you choose?
236) What is one of History's mysteries that fascinates you the most?
237) What is the most beautiful-sounding word in the English language (that is beautiful-sounding, not beautiful in meaning necessarily)?
238) If you could un-invent one invention in the world so that it no longer existed, which invention would you eradicate?
239) What movie have you seen more times than any other?
240) If you had a thousand dollars that you had to spend selfishly in one store, which store would you choose and what would you buy?
250) Which male movie stars and female movie stars are the most physically handsome and physically beautiful in your eyes?
251) What are the three things you value most in a friend?
252) If you could have a secret camera in any one room anyplace in the world, which room would you pick and why?
251) Have you ever been told you resemble someone famous? If so, who?
252) If you had to name the single most regrettable thing in our country's History, what would it be?
253) If you were an actor or actress and could star in a chaste romantic scene in a play with any one actor or actress, whom would you choose?
254) Describe the perfect date (or romantic evening with your spouse if you are married).
255) If you could eliminate one hereditary characteristic from your family, what would it be?
256) If you could be invisible for three hours, where would you go and what would you do?
257) If you were of the opposite sex (and unmarried, if you are married), which one person of your present sex would you want to fuck?
258) If you could change things to make life easier for those of your sex, what would you change? What would you change to make life easier for those of the opposite sex?
259) Do you think it is more difficult to be a man or a woman?
260) What 5 musicians would you put together as "the ultimate band"?

261) If you could change world of fashion this second in any way you want, what would have people wearing?
262) If you had money that you had to give to one charity or cause, what would you give to?
263) If you could survive one of History's disasters, which one would you pick?
263) If you could be or have been King or Queen of a country, which country would you choose?
264) What is the one gadget you can't live without?
265) If you could give a precious award to someone, what award would you give and to whom?
266) If you were internationally important and could increase someone’s status in the world just by dropping their name, who would you help. (sort of a popularity boost) Pick 3.
267) If you could erase any one murder from History, which would you choose?
268) If we could get married anywhere in the world, where would our wedding take place? Assume that our friends & family [ WARNING : This seller appears to have requested payment via friends & family. This seller may be attempting to scam you via the PayPal friends & family scam which voids all buyer protection. If you pay via friends & family, we will not be able to protect you if the seller does not deliver. ] could attend no matter where you choose.
269) If you could ensure one single personality trait in your children, which would you choose?
270) If you were to select one manmade object that best represents your personality, which would you choose and why?
269) What TV show character do you wish you were like, and how much like?
270) If you had to be on a game show, which one would you choose?
271) If you were to make a personal coat of arms, what sorts of symbols and colors would be on it?
272) What is the worst book you've ever read?
273) Are there any songs that scare you? ----- left off here
274) If you could own a town and be its mayor, what would you name it and what would it be like?
275) What were some of your favorite childhood toys?
276) Whom would you cast to play me if a movie were made of my life?
277) If you could be the editor of any magazine or newspaper in the world, which would you choose and why?
278) What is your favorite outfit?
279) Do you have a comfort food?
280) If someone offered you $1,000 to kill a butterfly by burning it alive in the flame of a candle, would you do it?
281) Why are they called "apartments" if they are all connected?
282) Can you burp at will?
283) Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
284) Why do bars have parking lots if it is illegal to drink and drive?
285) Did Adam, Eve, or Lillith have belly buttons?
286) If you could become the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?
287) If you had to have a friend or family member redecorate your house, whom would you choose?

288) If you were in charge of a witness protection program and your best friend entered; what would you rename them.
289) If you were a cartoon character and every time your character came on stage, a musical instrument was heard to represent you, which instrument would you like to represent you?
290) Which two of the Seven Deadly Sins are you most prone to? (pride, avarice, lust, wrath, gluttony, envy, sloth)
291) Which two of the 7 virtues?
292) Which Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost do you believe have been fruitful in you? (Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, Fear of the Lord)
293) If you are married, what advice would you give to newly-wed couples just starting their lives together? If you are not married, what, if anything, scares you most about marriage?
294) If you could go back in time to the night before we met and give your self one piece of relationship advice, what would you tell yourself?
295) What one, single lie has caused the most damage in the world? (It‘s your baby.)
296) If Heaven could be described in temporal terms and in terms of the senses, what do you imagine it would look like, sound like, taste like, smell like, and feel like?
297) If you could have a servant who performed two tasks only, what two things would that servant do?
298) If you could choose the very last thing you will see before death, what would you choose?
299) What is the very worst meal you've ever eaten?
300) What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
301) If you were given a ship, what would you name it?
302) You're a guest on the Tonight Show. What song do you want the band to play as you come onstage?
303) What advertising slogan best describes you? Which best describes another person in the room?
304) If you could change the ending to any one movie, which movie's ending would you change and how would it be different?
305) If you could change the view from your bedroom window, what would you see?
306) What are your top three favorite Christmas carols?
307) If you have any what are your top three favorite English hymns and top three favorite Latin hymns / or favorite religious songs?
308) Which ethnic group, other than your own, most interests you and why?
309) Have you had any apparently preternatural or supernatural experiences that aren't easily explained by science?
400) What are some of your favorite sounds?
401) What are some of your least favorite sounds?
402) What are some of your favorite smells?
403) If you lived in Oz, would you be the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, or the Cowardly Lion?
404) If you had the opportunity to board a space ship and explore space for 1 year, would you go? What about 10 years?
405) What do you consider to be the stupidest fad that was popular in your lifetime?
406) Is there a fad you got into but later considered ridiculous?

407) If you could earn $10,000 by dressing, for one year, like a total 1960s flower child - and you couldn't tell anyone why you were dressed that way - would you?
408) Have you ever mutilated a song's lyrics only to be later astounded that you've been singing the wrong words for years? If so, how'd you mess up?
409) What do you daydream about more than anything?
500) If you could commission a great painter to make a painting for you personally, what would you want him to paint? Is there a particular artist (dead or alive) whom you'd choose?
501) While usually knowledge and wisdom come slowly, cumulatively, sometimes it seems that there are sudden insights into things, moments when "the light goes on" and we see things clearly that we hadn't seen before - "epiphanies" of sorts or awakenings. What moments have there been like that in your life? What triggered them, if you know?
502) What is the scariest, supposedly true story you've ever heard?
503) What physical and mental characteristics do you believe you've inherited from your Mom? Which do you believe you've inherited from your Dad?
504) If you had a new baby boy (or new little brother, if you are a child), what would you want to name him? What about a baby girl (or new little sister)?
505) When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? And what was so danged funny?
506) At a movie theater, which armrest is yours?
507) Does a lesbian who never has sex with men ever loose her virginity? How?
508) If you had a religious vocation, which religious order would you want to join? Why? What, if anything, do you imagine that sort of life would offer that your present life doesn't?
509) If you could have me ask you any question, what question would you have me ask you?
510) Do you think world would be best if everyone would just take care of themselves or do you like programs / organizations designed to help those in need?
511) Should decide the meaning of our lives, or let authority or religion do it for us?
512) What do you think the purpose is of your life?
513) How much time have you placed into finding your purpose in life?
514) Do you have a rule or universal law that you live your life by?
515) Do you think that your happiness and or success is important?
516) Can you measure how right or wrong something is by how happy or successful it makes you?
517) Should pleasure play a central part in life?
518) Do you care much about news and issues regarding society?
519) When watching the news, are there and types of stories or subjects that you just have to watch?
520) Are you misunderstood?
521) Do you consider yourself in touch with nature?
522) Do you believe that what does not kill us only makes us stronger?
523) Do you work out?
524) How do you or would you work out?
525) Do you feel comfortable working out in front of others?
526) What is your favorite accent? Why?
527) Does it bother you when you see a friend wearing mismatch clothing?
528) What do you think of guys wearing skin tight shirts?
529) What do you think of guys wearing shirts that show a bit of stomach sometimes?
529) What do you think of girls wearing baggy shirts?
530) Do you like skin tight or baggy shirts better on a guy? A girl?
531) Are there any types of laughs you do not like?
532) Do you have a favorite type of laugh?
532) Some people decide weather or not to go past a second date with someone by introducing the person they are dating to their best friend….and seeing what he / she thinks. What do you think of this practice?
533) Have you ever thought about naming your shoes?
534) Should we outsource jobs to other countries if it means cheaper goods?
535) Have you ever had a small local business go out of business that you really liked?
536) Is Wal-Mart bad?
537) Do you like your showers / baths warm or cold?
538) If you were taken by a date / friend to a party where you knew no one, how would you respond?
539) How often do you lose your temper?
540) How much personal space / alone time do you generally find you need? In a relationship?
541) Do you talk to yourself much?
542) Do presentations make you nervous?
543) Do long car rides with strangers make you nervous?
544) If you had to, how would you destroy the world?
545) What is your best pick-up line?
546) Why did the chicken cross the road?
547) If you have the satisfaction of killing someone for a day withoug
549) Do you ever use your bra / breasts as storage? You know...like if you do not have any pockets on you...and you just need a place to put something?
550) If you could change your race, would you? What race would you be?
551) If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
552) If you were a toy with a pull string, what would you say?
553) Would you wear a tail pinned to the back of your pants and fuzzy animal ears?
554) What excuse would you use for a black eye if you had to hide who gave it to you?
555) Can you believe it not butter?
556) Do you have a favorite song?
557) Favorite color?
558) If you ruled the world, what would you do?
559) If you could make your own holiday, what would it celebrate?
560) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?
561) Do you want a hug?
562) If you were a rapper, what would your name be?
563) If you were a super hero, what would your name be?
564) What was your first ever online alias?
565) What is the craziest thing you have ever seen a homeless person do?
566) What is the crappiest video / arcade game you have ever played?
567) If you were to die, what would be your epic last words?
568) What if there was no sex? What if…people just stopped doing it?
569) What is your favorite flavor?
570) If you were a teacher and could choose to teach any subject, which subject would you teach?
571) Do you believe in lucky streaks effecting probability? If you toss a die and it comes up with the number one 9 times in a row, what is the probability that it will come up with one on the next throw?
572) Which room of your house / apartment holds the most memories.
573) If it because socially acceptable to eat people, who would you eat? Assume they are freshly dead if you have something against eating live people.
574) Do you feel comfortable with yourself walking around in the buff? (nude)
575) If you had a free evening in your home without me, what would you tend to?
575) If you had to characterize our relationship, how would you described it?
576) Do you fear us growing apart?
577) Do you fear marriage?
578) Do you fear becoming your parents?
579) Did you feel an instant click with me?
580) Do you fear giving speeches / presentations?
581) Do you fear long car rides with strange people?
582) Do you fear talking about your fears?
583) Is there anyone important enough that meeting them would make you nervous?
584) How punctual are you?
585) Describe your parent’s relationship.
Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:31 pm
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I've asked "Do you sleep naked or on your PJs ?" to one of my ex before >.>
OP Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:00 pm
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JonXRulz wrote:
I've asked "Do you sleep naked or on your PJs ?" to one of my ex before >.>

Yeah, you want to wactch what you ask early on in the relationship; hold off on any sexual questions till late at night well into the relationship...when she is already feeling romanced.
Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:51 pm
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Pretty good list of questions there, I will have to test some of them out. :)
Sun May 13, 2012 5:15 pm
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Hello for all!
And what if we are out from questions?What if after more then 1 year ure partner is being weird? What if you was lied more then 1 year...? :cry:
OP Sun May 13, 2012 7:32 pm
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G__ wrote:
Hello for all!
And what if we are out from questions?What if after more then 1 year ure partner is being weird? What if you was lied more then 1 year...? :cry:

For the first year that I was with my wife, she lied to me about her age.
Some people simply have trust issues. Given them time.

There are always more questions for you to ask. You should never stop asking questions. People change over time and there is always more to learn about them. Talking and doing activities together brings you closer together. It is healthy for the relationship. The closer he feels to you, the more he will trust you and the more you will be able to trust him.
Mon May 14, 2012 2:13 am
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Yes,maybe you have right,and he need just more time.
We doing activities together,we are talking..I just feel (Womans always feel when something its not good),something its like changed betwen me and him.
I love him,i really do,i have,we have plans about future.
Well,i wont give up :)
Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:02 am
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what a list, never thought to write down things to ask, I just always let it go it's natural way. Communication is always a big key to making things work. Another is always give them some me time, this goes for both sides. You fell for whom they are so don't try and change them, instead grow with them as time goes on. If you feel your starting to drift apart maybe surprise your partner with something that is there interest. And always find ways to spice things up, if not it becomes a chore and causes each other to drift. This may be wrong, but it's my personal insight on it....but shhh I suck at relationships
Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:40 pm
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Sorry for the "bump"! But this list of question is just great, especially for those who are stuck in a conversation or run out of topic. It's excellent. Where did you find it? Have you been testing all of the questions across those years? :)

OP Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:43 pm
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Tinder wrote:
Sorry for the "bump"! But this list of question is just great, especially for those who are stuck in a conversation or run out of topic. It's excellent. Where did you find it? Have you been testing all of the questions across those years? Tinder

I did not find this list. I made the list myself 1 question at a time while dating my high school sweetheart a decade ago. A few questions I probably stole offhand from personal conversations and debate team topics, but most are original. I use to ask her 10 questions every night over the phone in order to spur conversation and get to know her better.

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