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Instead of making a ranking list and trying to fill should be trying to make a family first and then slowly letting the ranks fill themselves as talented people enter your family.

Three things make up a Mafia: Family, Business, and Organized Crime

Try starting off with building a family, then have your family start a business, and finally take up organized crime to protect your business and clients. That is how you make a mafia; good luck.

Chapter 1 - How To Make a Family -

You should start by recruiting your real life family and best friends, people who you know you can trust and are already close to. Then ask them to invite their family and best friends. From there you need to create a second group open to the public where people can apply to join your family; instead of randomly inviting people into your family's main group. Inviting people from other mafias is not only an insult to other families, but a security risk to your own family. If you can not do this, then you are not a don. You must first gain the respect of those close to you before the general public will even think of taking you seriously. Otherwise, you are just like any other young babo who buys a pixel gun, makes an IMVU group, and starts trying to call themselves a don.

Chapter 2 - How To Start a Family Business -

The best product is the cheapest product you can make which still serves a purpose. Start by making a list of what everyone in life desires and needs. Then, go through the list and make additional lists on how you can service those needs within IMVU. Finaly, find a way to provide a demo of these services to the public for free, and charge a small amount of credits for the full service. Remember, advertisement is important for a business, so make / spread your banners, and post ads for your business in related IMVU groups. Remember, anything you can provide over the internet, you can provide within IMVU.

Chapter 3 - How To Take up Organized Crime -

Most mafias on IMVU use their organized crime units, soldiers / hitmen, to wage wars on other mafias in the pursuit of power and dominance on IMVU. What most mafias on IMVU have never realized though, is that mafias were not created to wage wars on other mafias. The true purpose of organized crime units in the mafias is to give a Mafia's family business an upper hand against normal non-mafia run business.

Chapter 4 - How To Use Organized Crime Wisely -

Your business can gain an upper hand through organized crime in 2 ways: \\

  • 1) illegal business practices that save time / money \\
  • 2) destroying rival businesses and stealing their clients / associates

Chapter 5 - How To Recruit For Your Family -

Instead of making a ranking list and trying to fill should be trying to make a family first and then slowly letting the ranks fill themselves as talented people enter your family.

Chapter 6 - Adding Patriotism To Your Family -

A good way to add pep and spirit to your family is to take the time to vote / decide on a family logo / crest / symbol / colors / song / mascot / saint / values / family pic / badge / main public room. It is best to decide these 1 at a time, spending at least a week on each. Holding contests / elections to decide these is a great way to increase activity in your family.

Chapter 7 - Knowledge Is Power -

Knowing anything and everything about your surroundings will give your family the advantage it needs over other businesses. In this case, your family is located within IMVU, so you need to study IMVU. This will also increase the effectiveness of your organized crime. Great places to study are the IMVU Forums, IMVU inc owned groups, and taking the time to study under an older / more experienced mafia family. Memorizing IMVU's TOS is also extreamly important, for dealing with / avoiding trouble from the law.

Chapter 8 - Interacting With Other Mafias -

Respect all other mafias. If you are not familiar with another family's rules / edict, then it is an extreamly good idea to find out the rules that apply to their most basic soldiers before requesting a meeting with their Don or another member of their staff. Some things to remember are:

  • 1) call other's by their rank
  • 2) introductions are important
  • 3) never criticize how another family is run

Chapter 9 - Alliances With Other Mafia Families -

An alliance treaty with another family can include anything. It is not important to ally your family with another family; it is a choice, not something that has to be done. In case you ever wish to make an alliance with another family, here are some suggestions:

  • 1) include a passage that covers war, weather or not you shall support each other in times of war, or just promise to keep the peace between your families
  • 2) include a passage over communication, over the rights of each family inside each other's public rooms, invites to parities / functions between families, and activity within each other's groups
  • 3) include a passage over business, offer discounts, resources, and access to training under each other

Having each other's family members meet and spend time together is an important part of an alliance. Spending time with your allies increases friendship / bonds. Even if you do not agree to fight together in a war, you can not help but help a fried if these ties are close enough, but do not blame them if they do not want to help you; this just means that your members have not grown close enough to each other between families. Alliances take time to build, but they are worth it just to have a friend.

Chapter 10 - Grammar And Rhetoric -

There is nothing much more disrespected in the mafias than a Don who talks in slang, text, caps, leet, or just plain bad grammar. If you are going to lead your community, then they need to understand you 100%. Punctuation is important too; it makes you look professional and brings in more business.

Once you have grammar down, start paying attention to rhetoric, your ability to persuade your audience to feel the way you want them to feel. Try to use words that bring your family together, like "we" and "our". Never lie or try to trick the people you are talking to though. Rhetoric is a powerful tool which is to be used wisely.

Rhetoric: history, creativity, delivery, style, and arrangement

Chapter 11 - Secure Your Family's Name -

Spend the $30 - $50 to copyright your family's name / logo in the US where IMVU is located. This way as Don, you can file a DMCA take down on products / groups on IMVU which use your family's name / logo without your permission. Filing the take down with proper documentation will get said atrocities removed from IMVU. This will also prevent people who leave your family from continuing to sell products with your family's name on them. Note: this does not work if another family had your family's name before you, so choose your family's name wisely.

Chapter 12 - Pay Day -

While you might not have the credits to pay your family for the first couple of years after creation, you still need to give them an incentive to work. Give them something to work towards; rewards, small prizes, parties, benefits...etc..etc. Every family needs goals, both short term and long term. Hard work towards a just cause will always pay off in the end.

Tips towards raising profits:

  • 1) circulate money through the family, not around the inside; it does not help the overall family if you are gaining credits off of other people inside of your family
  • 2) make the first service for free; after that they are hooked and you can charge them for the upgrade
  • 3) work towards bettering the life of your family members; if you can give a fellow family member something for it, that way the fellow family member can send more time working to make the family better rather than working to provide for themself
  • 4) the less credits your family spends and the more it brings in...the better
  • 5) a few credits can go a long way; you would be surprised what people are willing to do for 50 credits
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