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- May 2021
Day 1: Nobody cares.
   Fri May 14, 2021 2:13 pm

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Day 1: Nobody cares.

Permanent Linkby CredsMaster on Fri May 14, 2021 2:13 pm


I don't know what this is or how this works.
Going to guess it's like a diary? I can post whatever I want?.
Right so hi, I am Cred(s)Master. The owner of the universe.
My universe atleast. I impose into other's universe and people impose into mine.
I used to talk about how I hated the world because they didn't understand me.
Now that I am old enough, I know I don't understand the world.

I actually went to see the doctor, hoping they'd diagnose me for depression.
I got a piece of paper to fill out. When I did I reached the "Ever thought of committing suicide?" line.
I said no. Because at the time I didn't. I mean i've thought about it once or twice... who hasn't?

The doctor told me, that because I wasn't suicidal I didn't have depression.
If I was depressed i'd look less lively and more sad or something.
So I started thinking about suicide on purpose.
Forcing myself to believe I was suicidal and I started acting sad whenever I visited the doctor.

"Maybe if I killed myself in front of the doctor, they'd understand that I was depressed.!"

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Re: Day 1: Nobody cares.

Permanent Linkby Remy on Fri Aug 13, 2021 8:14 pm

Hi CredsMaster, Remember even Doc's are just human and yes they make mistakes and misdiagnose people all the time. Don't just listen to what this group of people told you. either keep going back or see someone else. Be heard!!! Take charge of your own health care. If this place you went to do not hear you call a help hot line. There free help lines all over now. See a reg Doc office or hospital. Your reg doctor physician can treat you now as well if you have one. Remember people do care and love you. Your not alone. Get help so you can enjoy life and feel like you want to get out and be apart of it again.
Don't Let depression control you. You control it. You can live with it and yes hide it from everyone else to the point your personality changes and becomes you and no one will ever know it and know the real you. So get off your butt and take control and be heard and dont take NO or be turned away for an answer. Take a friend or family with you for moral support when you go to your next Dr visit. Take notes so you dont become blank when they ask question. And you ask questions as well. Let them know you care about your health. Take care of yourself my friend.
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RE: Day 1: Nobody cares.

Permanent Linkby nellyone on Sun Nov 28, 2021 3:37 am

Taking a break from my otherlife - whilst this may be my own gentle illusion lulling me affectionately to rest away from the pain of my reality -- yet , perhaps it is all I need / I may never escape my writer or photographer self / but I am settling down with the world where only nature & the majesticness of delicate landscapes may be the only soothing ailment to this nameless agony and despair...

honestly idek if this is where youre supposed to post
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