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IMVU experience

Permanent Linkby Jayant on Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:23 am

For some reason I’ve always had a hard time making new friends. Back in the days when I was child that wasn’t really a problem but being alone was always my favorite. It still is and today you can socialize with texts, chats, Skype calls. What I mean is that you really do not have to be in physical contact with another human. This is how we connect and get our social needs filled. To have good health you need physical, mental and social needs to be fulfilled (this is something I learned when I study occupational therapy). IMVU is a great way to meet the old way and new way of socialize since you are a person but instead of using you voice you just use your words.

For the past six days I’ve been locked up in my apartment, due to the fact that I got the flu, so I have been online on IMVU more or less every minute I’ve been awake. Problem is, I don’t know that many people on IMVU that I would call my friends. And the less than a handful of people I talk to lives in another timezone and of course they have their lives to live as well. So I challenged myself to visit at least three new rooms everytime I’m online.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should do it since I am kind of shy when it comes to new people and I’ve always had this fear of the “popular” people on IMVU, just as in real life. In my mind the popular person on IMVU has a avatar name with few letters, no guest, one badass display picture and the avatar is looking gorgeous. So before I’ve entered a random room I look to see who is in the room? If I see the non-guest, few letter avatar name and badass display picture then I won’t enter the room. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they could be the nicest people but in my mind I have painted up this image that they will hate me, make fun of me, not talk with me, etc. Also since I’ve started IMVU I learned that no one likes noobs. If you look like a noob no one will talk with you or they will make fun of you. Since I am not new to this game and do think I have a pretty avatar I’ve looked down on people that is maybe new to IMVU or still do not look up to the standards of not being a noob. So what I did was to not care about that! I went in to chat rooms and tried the Featured Rooms, and man have I seen some beautiful rooms or what?! Even if I haven’t made what I would consider as friends yet but the conversations have been nice and some have been great. There are some people that is added to my friendlist I will most defiantly talk with them again. After a while the rooms might be empty, but then you either poof from it or you chill and wait for new people to come. I’ve forgot how wonderful public rooms can be. Normally I’m sitting alone in my room. Like, how fun is that? I am going to continue visiting random room, meet new people, see beautiful places and hopefully make a new friend or two, maybe more if I’m lucky.l

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Re: IMVU experience

Permanent Linkby DJPr0MixStars on Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:08 pm

hello, I understand. the social on imvu is superb :) I admit qque the noob is due to the fact that many create accounts to do anything. as long as you speak correctly and that you remain yourself, the others will have a different look on you and will give advice on imvu, creator to visit to look for a skin, clothing etc ... welcome to imvu and good luck
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Re: IMVU experience

Permanent Linkby toudou on Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:33 am

im willing to be friends :)) im very nice and get along with just about anyone. also a convo carrier if you're into that haha, my vu is @Poose
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