[S] CBT Femdom - Eternity Pose
4 Dollars

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You are buying a single very long couples pose. Normally our pose packs contain several different pose products, but we made this one special with a single lengthy pose that takes you and your partner for a full sexual adventure through various femdom positions. She gives him a telling off lecture, pushes him onto his ass, nut smacking CBT edging hand job till he's about to cum ... but he does not have permission to cum yet, instead she lays on her back and lets him finger her for several minutes, occasionally he looks down at her pussy and begs to stick his dick inside of her, when she's satisfied and finally gives him permission ... he fucks her for 15 seconds with his pitiful little dick and immediately cums; he collapses on top of her and she holds him as he cries into her shoulder.

Wait a few minutes for the video below to start if you wish to see this product in action.

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