princessjenie wrote:
@Don Von Alpha Dom
im always naked


Skurrt skurrrt
We call this life a game knowing it isn't. Hoping if we say it we can believe it, wishing it won't be gone. Fake it till you make it. just convincing yourself it isn't serious. Allowing us to laugh and just accept, the things we feel are serious. Thus brainwashing making everything worth none, even ...
@DataMine ... wnload.php

This is still the current correct?

-- Thu May 12, 2022 2:53 pm --



Did you download the light clamp from here the deep client from here or from imvu's official website?
Well okay so I try to cover everybody's messages at once that I've seen so far it depends on whether or not you have VIP really first off cuz the music players don't work on mobile unless they're on the live room second they play YouTube it's literally the drive-in theater player being stuck in rand...
A lot of people have been having issues with not being able to load their control buttons when it comes to joining a live. What's happening is it's not registering that you went through the training I guess or the tutorial rather I don't know but here's the transcript of the support chat.. To summar...
xlViking_Ashleelx For me personally I can understand choking because of multiple reasons. One because it's the effect of the lack of oxygen to the brain and then the rush of oxygen, I remember when we had really bunk weed we would put each other and choke holds until right before pass out and then ...
WhiteWitch You have to be signing into your greeter account and going into the chat now reader rooms at least twice a week I literally just pop in type Hi and then a bunch of random letters and then pop out whether the room's empty or not and my account that's on hold is still getting all the room ...
Yeah they're definitely not a fan of hiding your accurate information I've had that happen as well I've had them put an account on hold over login I've had them tell me I didn't know or own the account because I didn't know which power I was pinging from when I created it. . They're desperately tryi...

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