MY GOD, this is so wonderful, I am so happy :pinkheart: :pinkheart:
Hello, welcome to the family

I recommend putting in the url panel
This site has free layout and other code that can help.
https://gaf210.gafcodes.com/codes/homep ... ee-layouts
Status probably
Taking care of my horses while I wait for my Mafioso
:excitedwave: Hey, Autumn! Nice to meet you. :excitedwave: I can exactly understand that feeling, I have been playing since 2011 but quit in 2015. It's been three years since I came back and I feel like everything got a little "wow" (in a bad way). I hope you feel at home here. :pinkheart:...
:excitedwave: Welcome Dominic! :excitedwave: You'll get a chance to learn new ways to enjoy IMVU here. Take a look around the site, forums and contests, (rules too!) maybe something will catch your attention. Also take a look at Save a horse...Ride a MAFIOSO! - Party & Contests , a great way to ...
Welcome to the family, :pinkheart:

Welcome to the family!

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