CYRUS57 Nada. IMVU added server side protections on create mode that are impossible to get around. Even with bypassing every non-essential API in create mode .... you get banned after 5 uses without having the creator agreement signed. Something about pulling the parents in the derive chain when lo...

Tor browser should come with no-script. You just have to turn it on.

IMVU Lite has all of IMVU's spyware stripped out, so they can't track you between accounts.

Add a script blocker to your internet browser and run a VPN to prevent tracking during registration.

No issues here. Check your client logs. It's probably a product crashing you.
Alright everyone ... who wants to click on the sketchy link? :tlahappypoint: Virus total results at least look fine: I would test with dummy accounts first, to make sure you don't get hit b...
Give me your best sexual twitter BIO. 160 characters MAX. GO!


What show is fucking up your chill tonight? Give me shows better than SEX.
Give me words ending in USSY!

Make them up if you have to.

Include definitions.


Give me 3 words better than "I LOVE YOU". - GO!

So tell me, what's your sexual super power?

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