Laelia As far back as I can remember, IMVU has been 13+. They started selling IMVU gift cards in toy stores back in 2007. The only separation IMVU makes between the two age groups ... is users over 18 can only search rooms hosted by users over 18, and users under 18 can only search rooms hosted by ...

Shape keys are called "morphs" within IMVU's 3D engine. Are you trying to make a facial expression morph?

The only time I have seen that ban ... was a woman who got caught running a GA under 18 strip club. It normally means you got caught saying or doing something naughty with an under 18 user. The user might have had "N/A" shown as their age ...

Not against their will, no. You would have to ask the owner of to do it and they would have to agree.

Yes, it still works. What are you trying to do with it?
chutiya You can disable device fingerprinting without completely removing that file. Our client generates a fake fingerprint every time the file is called. Fake fingerprints are less trackable than someone who leaves no fingerprints. Spoofing fake data is safer than giving no data. The lack of a fi...
Blocked: You won't find them...

What mafia !?! :awesome19:

Yeah, it works. What are you trying to use it for?

Charge people for fake aftercare medical supplies after they buy a tattoo.

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