Credits Customers, If you didn't know, Paypal is raising their fees again coming August 2nd..... This may cause Credit prices to increase and may be quite an inconvenience to you.. However, I Cysia have a plan to continue his service bringing to you the best prices for credits. But I will need your ...

Hey D. When I try to edit my credit ads, It no longer allows me to put it in the Credits category. I can put it in all the other categories except credits. So i would just delete it and make a new AD.

Before your AD is clicked, it is advertised as 6 million for 40$. From your list, it looks like you are selling 100k for 40$. Your Ad needs some adjucting
CredsKing Your ad is priced at 40$. It doesnt say how much your are selling for 40$. You have to make seperate ads for each offer in your post. when someone clicks CHECKOUT, the order request is sent to you. If they are not responding when you message then it is because they are not serious. When y...

Warm welcome from Cysia. If you need any assistance, feel free to send me a private message. I will do my best to assist you
forex traders are people who trade the foreign currency markets. some people trade stocks or options or even crytpo. And some trade currency. Look into it. i bet you would love it if you dont want a 9-5 :tlasmooth:
Any forex traders in the house?

Late at night when imvu is closed. If it passes, you have to remove it from the shop before imvu opens. I wonder if this still works.... before Don made PRB, this was how i would do it. Submit when imvu is closed and remove it before imvu opens
try submitting them as general audience instead of AP. I guess that is the only way i know. You can choose either when you click submit
I really doubt your meshes are able to get into imvu's shop, i may be wrong, however you can get the ones that are in the blackmarket. Check them out.

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