any plans to creating a way for Mac users? (Asking for a friend)
I'm not sure if I understand your question.
Mafia Vip Can be earned through A small donation of 4 dollars or more , or 50 posts and 5,000 Medits.
as far as buying vip, I'd talk to @
. hope I answered your question.
Don Von Alpha Dom oh that makes sense,so if someone invited me the invite will stay on the screen for 15 mins? i never noticed that but i can definitely see the benefits of that lol ... i wish there was a way you guys could make it like when someone invites u, u don't have to answer right away but ...
I've been using T3DE for years now, only thing i don't like is every once in awhile it'll just crash back to back out of nowhere and ill have to flush my dns and restart my computer. this isn't a huge issue or anything, it just gets annoying. another little bug is like if i invite someone to a priva...
I haven't heard too much about it
ahh I understand, thanks for educating me Don. I never knew about the medit thing as well, ill be sure to look into that as well!
This may go unnoticed but i wish we could get unlimited downloads to all products WE BOUGHT. I've bought many products over the years and have went through countless computers which resulted in me losing product files that I've purchased. i wish there was a way we could just download them again inst...
good luck to everyone!!! thanks @don
lol thats funny

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