i understand you will have a monthly fee to use it. 10,25 and 50 dollar membership. terryracer yeah, they are talking about a subscription model for NUDE. i think meredian is still free, tho. it took a while to get it installed (big download file), but i was able to run it without much difficulty.
my understanding is that some of the people involved in meredian now want to create a new game called 'nude': https://www.patreon.com/nude_ there's a discord channel, but mostly randos asking rando questions and so of course getting no responses. i was curious at the beginning, but the new team has ...
could probably do it with some basic JavaScript and tampermonkey.
maybe he wants real movies, not netflix
Color Out of Space
Let The Right One In
Profondo rosso
City of the Living Dead
try to google "api.imvu.com" and "user" (with the quotation marks).

you'll find some other projects to try and use the API. might be helpful.

meanwhile, as Don says: wireshark
jason202 wrote:
yes, I get the use code frommy uploaded products which have village product as well. I meant that command you know. it should work with phone users too. they cannot see anything when I copy and paste code!


for that to work, you need to get them on t3de too :d
wow! incredible, colorful history. thank you so much Don for recording all of this.
@AndyYea but how you get in the room without the owner ? pinworld i gather the idea is that the owner invited them and then left. after that, you checked, and saw the invitees were in the room but not the owner. also, i'm not sure how find.vu is able to report who's in a room. there's an imvu setti...
one idea for this... a tool that scans and compares products from published outfits.

if somebody likes products A, B, and C, they might buy them again for their other accounts.

not sure of the best algo for this but seems like a simple pattern matching problem.

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