you need to update the pictures they are broken
well in that case i dont know what to tell you. What i can tell u is i recently started having issues with my customers on mobile use so since its not something we as creators can fix i stopped advertising them as mobile friendly. Truth is the imvu mobile app is buggy in a lot of ways and nothing we...
thats most likely because you are using the deep client system here and you have deep client installed and she doesnt. you need to have her download install and login to deep client and then she will be able to see it.
is right not all triggers work on mobile.some work but even those not 100% for example chubby choad only vibrates

however they do work on pc with no issue
@ramon ALFA
just made my point for me. i would hate to pay for a licence every year :D
personally i dont trust any other software except the ones made by
fancy pic good luck to everyone :D
We need to start getting together on IMVU and make things happen again. Sounds like a good reason to finish our events system. Count me in too.The sooner we get ready for this big change the better -- Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:29 pm -- I vote for Mafia nekkid beach party ooh what shall I wear? Soli well u...
great idea a lot of people are more with mobile these days then they are with full blown pc's :D let me know if u need any tests done

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