Hotlady wrote:
so how does the dummy developer account work...would it be on my main account or another one?


Dummy account is another account that you can use to create. To try out things without worrying even if it gets disabled… a test account…stay safe
aguss wrote:
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Thank you all for your prompt response, as I was told to do a clean installation.
first install v541.0 then imvu lite
and works !!!!!


Glad that it works now….stay safe.
aguss I think your computer still sees the older version if its asking you to update….i think what you should do is make a clean install of imvu lite. Download imvu lite from this thread….unzip it In your pc…control panel….uninstall imvu lite….then restart your computer Then install imvu lite….foll...
terryracer wrote:
i have run up to 3accounts on sandboxie plus


3 accounts using same classic clients? How did you run it…i know people wants to know….stay safe everyone.
Happy mothers day weekend to the family….Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe.
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Thank you always. You are the best.
@bosanac1To use 2 accounts at the same time, you need to use the Sandboxie method: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12020&hilit=Sandboxie Don Von Alpha Dom I know this is an old thread....but is there a way to download sandboxie now 2022....? mine stop working...been using it for years but it suddenly s...
This is an old thread but I think a nice tool to try. I have multiple client installed on my computer....but i use rocket dock to launch them...but this is also a great program which does the same thing and serves its purpose. I think its worth a try. Let us know what you think. Stay safe everyone.
As far as i see on your picture….it was renewed on 11/30/21. And expires on 10/19/22….so you have couple of months more left….as for creating without vip….there is no way you can do that….your only choice is to buy vip to continue creating or buy a grandfathered account…..stay safe.
I hope you can share your bot with us ones its done….for try out….GOODLUCK….

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