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Soulljah wrote:
MizzKitty wrote: Haha it is. great catch. @Soulljah Fifth place winner! 500 Medits!@MizzKitty You're awesome EmKay, thanks. Licks and Nibbles wherever you want them

ahahahah you're welcome!
Soulljah wrote:
Wait. If I counted right, the 500 is still open?Luv the way you ladies think outside of the box

Haha it is. :tlasmug: great catch.

Fifth place winner! 500 Medits!
VoxToy wrote:
Well, having just returned from a hiatus yesterday, it was nice to see a few notifications about threads. And I really like this topic, so I figured it's good to keep it alive.

Yus I agree lolz. I like seeing people come up with interesting things like as such.
Well by that logic, you're totally right.And yes, the odd occasional Sex-Booth on the streetcorner would be pretty 'interesting'. Maybe in a alternative world of CyberPunk 2077?Also. I didn't know that actual sex-booths excisted, as you disribe them. In Europe, where I'm from, I can ooonly imagine ...
I can bake cakes, cookies, blackberry coffee cake, pies, apple toffee turn overs from scratch.

I can cook a beautiful steak.

I usually do every sunday for me and my family and its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
Oh come on. I have both!!!!!

ummmmmm shoot. I can't decide on that one so IM TOTALLY AVOIDING THE QUESTION. <_< >_>
I plea the 5th. xD

Pancakes or Waffles?
Hmmm. I guess there is quite a few things that annoy me. Nats, Mosquitoes and flies that wont go away. People who talk shit to you and play around but get all but hurt and take it to damn personal when you talk shit and play back with them. I think that has to be my worst. People putting their trash...
I would pick a job which facilitate all the factors of life which are necessary as i mention below what is the good job. what is a good job? That's a hard question to answer with one or two words because every person has his or her own perspective in answering this question. Some people see a good ...
Not that I am any help to this but just happened to be passing by the headings of these topics and literally just imagined files labeled as such being thrown into a literal blender. Not sure why, but why not share it and get some Medits out of my imaginations hahaha.
Being highly sexual, and not relieving myself. lol :tlaconcerned: :tlasuspicious: :tlaponder: :tlashockcomputer: :kat_emoji12: :kat_emoji16: lmao. UMMMMMM Well. I rueined a personal acheivement last night and this morning soooooo I guess just getting out of bed and doing things around the house tha...

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