Who was tall
Oh I totally forgotten about this thread ahahahah.
:sm1: :sm8: :sm7:
Hmmmmmmmmmm I guess it just depends ahahaha if eww I guess I'm like I'm out. But if not then I don't mind looking. <.<. >.>
Ooooooooooooo chocolate!

Cats or dogs?
Cthulhu wrote:YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASI think this is what you meant by thinking outside the box. HEY! nice to see you again! good job! That's exactly what I was talking about you naughty girl! ~Giggles~@CthulhuThird place winner! 1,500Extra Medits winner! +2,500 Woohoo! I love hints / riddles! Thanks Mi...

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I think this is what you meant by thinking outside the box. xD
I agree. The most I look for when buying is looking at others karma too. I learned that the karma that someone has and the comments left are a food indicator of if they can be trusted and also how long they've been apart of the community and also how many posts they have. I'm kind of weary of only a...
Omg there are that many?!?!? Holy crap that is rediculous! And I agree I don't thing I would have found out without seeing recent posting in this thread. In fact I didn't even know it existed yet. I don't go looking for that kind of stuff regardless but like it's good info to have and pass on.
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