i downloaded but giving error not opening the file.
@Don Von Alpha Dom
20 sexonds are only allowed
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Do you still sell VIP
i am trying to help a friend who has no sound on imvu, what can possibly cause no sound, the sound is set in settings and imvu has been re-installed but still no sound, other than that the sound works on youtube, any suggestions what could possibly cause this to happen.
As adviced by DM, after creating new folders and transferring old messages into them, i am still unable to send any new messages out to any recipients, i had this same problem once before, and i am also unable to reply to messages in my inbox, after i click the submit it will not send the message. I...
I wanted to ask if anyone knows about how to hide room products, i have recently been in a room and by clicking to see the room products nothing is shown, no hidden or unhidden products will show as the owner has some how blocked it. i have never seen this happen so im guessing its some new software...
@Don Von Alpha Dom

how many months would the $15 vip cover?

-- Tue Mar 30, 2021 11:43 am --

Heralds on here use to sell VIP for 12 months, i never bought of him but i did ask him about it.
today i tried to send 10k to a friend but was unable to using the send credits page in my account as it showed a message i had reached my limit, so i went to imvu live chat, the staff there also said they have stopped gifting credits to people with the new 2FA (Two-Factor) in place, if you have reac...
Merry Christmas to you Don and DM and all mafias family
maybe its a glitch it happens unexpectedly, sometimes i enter a public room and i'm able to unlock the room furniture and move it around by using the tools which shows on the screen giving me access to do so like im the owner, but if i move the furniture which i have done so to take pictures, the ot...

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