Thanks for the list. I'll try the links out.
I'll keep all these tips in mind. The 9th one I never seen anything like that before. But I'd rather have the number 3.
Professional Gamer/ Game Tester
Soli wrote:
Gintama is the best I just watched the live action movie and it is almost as good as the anime.
Gintanma.jpg (86.74 KiB) Viewed 2 times

That looks like an interesting anime there.
2 - 3 times a day for me depending on how good certain videos are

i also love watching hentai
Forrest Gump because I always ask myself "How does he walk all across the country without breaking a sweat?"

Suicide Squad

Clash of Titans


Bad Boys 1 & 2
nope havent read or seen it
my favorites: One Piece, Fooly Cooly and Golden Boy
Agreed and definitely will watch my back

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