Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
baby with a handgun.png (103.34 KiB) Viewed 79 times

Ahahahaha I'm dying. I think I just ear raped my friend in a call with my laughter at that.
Love the fake card generator DM!
Woah, that's a cool trick. Nice find!!!
Those are a lot of good ways, i like looking up by keywords, and looking through similar products really help. Never thought about asking the dev for a discount, that's cool if you find the devs that are willing to!
MizzKitty wrote:I wish i could use photoshop but its to complicated for me.We have a Photoshop section and I'm willing to teach. When my dog flies, I'll let you teach me ;P LOL-- Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:15 pm --Let me rephrase that, When my dog flies, I will be willing to learn the complicated ropes. xD
D.M wrote:
.If you want help getting it working let me know.

I guess you and i will have to set up a date cause I would like to use it if it worked for me because i am not sure what goes on with it. It seems that everyone but little ol' me cannot have it work right. LOL :awesome4:


Having a strong password is not to be sure, I say it from experience ene l h4(k Of course this does not make your account 100% h4(k proof. Nothing is 100% h4(k proof, unless you chain a cinder block to your computer and drop it into the ocean. ROLF I say something is better than nothing. Although, ...
Adryan wrote:
.still works for me just fine.

Welp, I am jealous. I've had issues with it all the times i have downloaded and used it. :awesome16:
I wish i could use photoshop but its to complicated for me. :awesome11:
Use Sandboxie. I used sandboxie and it worked for me for the first time downloading it, but afterward once i was done using it and closed i for the day, the next time i would use it, it would automatically be se4t to open my browser and either send some sort of error message and completely shut dow...

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