Token Purchases Fixed - Plus Discount Code!

by DataMine · 9 posts
2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago · Author
The service we are using to deliver token orders automatically requires a monthly fee. Sometime during the last week the plan I had purchased ran out and they had neglected to notify us.

We have purchased a new plan so everything should be working again. If you tried to purchase tokens withing the last week or so, please try again.

As a thank you to everyone who let us know there was an issue and a apology to anyone inconvenienced by this issue we are giving out a 33% discount code for all of the token packages.

When purchasing a token package enter the code below to get 33% off the price.

This code will be valid till December 10th, 2020.
Posted 2 years ago

Where do I put in that code at
Posted 2 years ago
This mentioned token work for ViP memebership?
Posted 2 years ago
Darn it i missed this post lol :rudolph:
Posted 2 years ago
I hope IMVU adds the feature to send tokens to others back in soon.
Posted 2 years ago
Can someone please explain tokens and what they are for, and what does recharge mean??
Posted 2 years ago
aloha hmm can someone tell me how much worth a dev. token?

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