Best dick on the shop?

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by Da Cobra · 4 posts
4 weeks ago
Posted 4 weeks ago · Author
Hi y’all, I’m new here and looking to get my avi a dick, I checked out every single dick on that’s available in the shop but still confused between triggers and actions, I can’t find the best 1 to suit my avi.

My avi look like this.
Any suggestions???
Posted 4 weeks ago
@Da Cobra

I would start by choosing a material style.

Dicks come in 4 material styles:

1) Anyskin - looks like putty with zero detail, but matches your skin perfectly (cheapest dick, based on purchases we find that this type of dick is strongly preferred by most of our female customers; normally runs $5 - $8; almost all of them are pre-uploaded)

2) Partial Anyskin - shaft looks like putty with zero detail, but matches your skin perfectly; while the head is textured with high definition detail that stands out (often known as the tip dick, for how the tip stands out and looks super realistic compared to the rest of the dick; normally runs $6 - $12; almost all of them are pre-uploaded)

3) Layered Anyskin - dick has 2 layers, the first layer is anyskin, and the second layer is a texture with an opacity that fades from zero to full the closer you get to the base. The result is a dick that has more detail the closer you get to the tip and less detail the closer you get to the base. The skin color matches your skin perfectly at the base, but gets further and further from your skin color the closer you get to the tip. (this is what most men buy; in most cases it comes pre-uploaded; normally runs $20 - $25)

4) Textured - the entire dick is high detail / high definition, but will only match a single skin color. You will either need to buy a skin that matches it, or pay to have the dick custom textured to match your skin. Since very few people buy this type of dick and they normally buy it custom, it is rarely pre-uploaded. (runs $6 - $20 with the default texture, or $30 for custom a custom texture)
Posted 4 weeks ago
Triggers are the ones that can be activated at any position of the room while poses are the one that are bounded to a certain position. As for buying triggers, these are apparently banned by VU and hence are taken down quite easily if it comes to their notice. So, if you plan to buy them better use it in a private room. Also, as for poses you can search for poses in this site and there is a bunch of links pertaining to the same. First go ahead and find a good private good with poses and then go for the trigger. There are a lot of triggers you can buy here by using medits.

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