On another note of Sex toys.

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by MizzKitty · 22 posts
5 years ago
Posted 5 years ago · Author
I'm curious as to how naughty your minds are around here. Let's be creative. I wanna know if you as an individual, were a sex toy maker, what would you make? I wanna see some imaginations come to life with this! You can come up with any contraption of your choice. It can display wide varieties of kinks, movements, names, for any gender. You name it, it's your invention. Heck, it could be a full-blown robot monster if you'd like. Fantasy or real world ideas. NOTHING is limited here.
Posted 5 years ago
Well @MizzKitty,

If I was so good at creating a very naughty monster robot it could be something like this :

On A bed : :panda7:

The female is tied above the bed mattress with 2 rotative thick dildos (fast ones) and hold with chains & handcuffs while the arms are stretched wearing an open mouth gag while forced bj with another robotic dildo from up and to nipples attached magnetic clamps and webcams allover the bed to get all good point views of her exposed naughtiness body.
Posted 4 years ago

I would probably opt for one of those dildo cushions/mini seats/pelvis' -- BUT a canine/dog version that warms up in some way and has an expandable knot. Ejaculating also, of course.
Posted 4 years ago
Kupquake Katze wrote:
Hmm...I would probably opt for one of those dildo cushions/mini seats/pelvis' -- BUT a canine/dog version that warms up in some way and has an expandable knot. Ejaculating also, of course.

Oh damn, that sounds hot.
Posted 4 years ago
A vagina toy with those weird massaging thing that some resting shoes have :kat_emoji16:
Posted 4 years ago
Honestly I have no idea but being that I'm a giant meme I'd probably incorporate I fidget spinner into it or something. I've never really thought about making my own sex toy even if its hypothetical because I seem to be fine with my giant ass vibrator. :kat_emoji18:
Posted 4 years ago
Oh damn, that sounds ...............
Posted 4 years ago
Mine would have to be something interactive linked to a visual platform like IMVU. I mean really, how many ways are there to stimulate the naughty bits of either gender? I believe all of that that is possible has been made. But using today's technology and having us do it together, in real time, while watching us on screen - I'm thinking vstroker or kiiroo linked to IMVU here? Don't matter what it is we're stimulating or how, it's gonna be epic, don't ya think - lol
Posted 4 years ago
4D theatre meets sex toys lmao If any of you have been to a 4D theatre, they may spray liquids at you, spray smells, play loud sound effects from your chair, or make your chair rumble/shake/vibrate. So, imagine a 4D theatre with porn?? lol I've yet to see that happen. Not sure how it would end up though
Posted 4 years ago
I've been playing alot of text-based kink games, like Trials in Tainted Space.
In that very game, there's an option of a vending machine that combines a visual interactive world, with an array of a horrifyingly array of sexual equipment. I guess it doesn't fall under the category of 'sex toys'. :awesome2:
I've always been fascinated by a world where they would stand around in the open street, like the suicide booth in futurama.
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