Did someone have heard about 3DX Meredian ?

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by Underskys · 6 posts
2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago · Author
Hello everyone,

i'm sure lot of ppl from Imvumafias know the game called 3DXCHAT. A multiplayer sex game with incredible graphics but with 2 huge problem : paid subscription to play the game and no shop ecosystem like IMVU or SL content only added by staff ( pose , etc ).

that said, and that's why I'm here to talk about it today. i found that a team have cracked 3DXCHAT , they have made Emulator of 3DX based on offline mode made by someone on the build 390. they have opened their private server and it's literally FREE.

site of the 3dx emulator : http://meredian.io/

what is interesting is that they have share all content for community to create for the game even the unity 3D model of avatar ( male / female ) for deving sex pose and many other animation for the game. this 3DX meredian can be a big revolution i think. because it's will be the first multiplayer 3D sex game to be accessible for free. When i means free i mean all content of the game. otherwise we could have talk about mnf, yareel, achat, etc. asi know actually 3DX meridian is still early dev in comparison with the official 3DXCHAT room can only handle 80 ppl MAX and the game server is capped at 800 max player online.

i Think that can be cool for ppl wanting to get experience about deving with the Unity Engine, they also share the offline mode on the forum so ppl can look at the game file and see how it work. If there is experienced Unity dev there on imvumafias could interesting to take look at this project.

let me know if you have already heard about this 3DX private server. ( think could also be nice for testing and if like it , going to the real one because for sure free will mean underage will come to the game ).
Posted 2 years ago · Author
@Don Von Alpha Dom

yes, 3DXCHAT is still dev by the team ( gizmo / lisa ). they try to make ppl don't know about this emulator but it's already spread in many know forum like f95zone with like 95 page on the post for the emulator. it could become big prob for the dev team of 3DX and i don't know if they will engage law suit to the team under the emulator but it already often full in capacity. ppl know that 3DX are not cheap and the fact there is only 2 dev behind the 3DXCHAT project, if talented unity underground dev come to this emulator project effectively can be problem real prob for gizmo / lisa, in the nears future. expecialy, if the team get law suit and decide to give free the way of dev / setup server. because, for now 3DX even if it's dev by only 2 ppl and that the game is lack of stuff because no shop economy like imvu, SL or to a lesser extent RLC. it's remaind the most achieved 3D multiplayer sex game so yea..
Posted 3 months ago
just a quick note to say that meredian is apparently still active and the latest build was on 01/14/2022.
Posted 3 months ago · Author
there is not only Meredian now, there is 3: 3dxMeredian (project started by ppl from the russian community) , zona3DX (ES) and 3DX Union (RU). if i'm not wrong Union made by some of meredian staff. seem some from start of the project leaved. that why 2 RU project.

since the beginning of the year, 3DX arrives in a difficult situation. GIZMO & LISA (3dx dev) ignored Meredian since got launched. the project does not evolved fast was not even getting close to 3DX update. now there is 3 project & Meredian are equal to 3DX in content. seem they found how to add all new 3DX content release after the end of 32 bit version to switch 3DX to 64 bit and the offline project making ppl able to use world editor when 3DX was getting DDOS so bad. it's this offline project who started everything. The question is.. can 3dx take legal action against meredian ? i'm not even sure they can. seen people telling there is no company registration. if there is a project getting very good could be nice but the big problem is to much people under 18. which it's an advantage for 3DX to not have child or many 1 or 2 that buyed secretly with Credit card. think it's too late as private server keep growing.

wait & see, what will happen this year.
Posted 3 months ago
thanks for the update! i'm new to this so i've only tried meredian.

what is the difference between meredian, 3dxmeredian, zona3DX and 3DX Union?

after just a little exploration, my first impression of meredian is that the graphics are incredible! avatars and especially the environment look great. navigation is fun, like you point and click where you want to go and your avatar walks or runs or even swims(!) there.

it seems like all of the avatar features, clothes and accessories are available to make your own characters. i cannot find a store for clothes or accessories. there are some tokens for buying gifts and food and stuff.

there seem to some limitations(?), like you can't change the height of the avatars. breasts can be changed, hair also, but there are no options for genitals. i browsed the 3dx forum a little -- idk if this applies to meredian, but i guess(?) the app is pretty similar -- and it sounds like these limitations probably won't change much.

so, it's kind of interesting in that compared to meredian, imvu has rather more primitive 3d, but actually more flexibility for avatars.

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