What to do if someone is sending fraudulent imvu link

by pepsicolaa · 3 posts
11 months ago
Posted 11 months ago · Author
I'm not sure if it's the right place to post that, i hope i'm in the right parts of the forum
it's been a while that someone keep trying to steal my account (not personally, he seems to target people with a vip membership mostly) and i noticed imvu is incredibly useless to take down this kind of behavior, how surprising for imvu :awesome11:
Flagging the user is pretty much useless, imvu takes up to 48 hours to take any action and once done, that person has enough time to steal imvu account and once he'll get banned, he will simply create a new account ( or use an account he managed to steal ) and he will restart and get his collection of stealed account, which really sucks for people who didn't pay attention and got trapped by one of these link.

So what i do and what i advice people who cares about it is going to that website when they receive a fake imvu login website:
Go to that website (or any similar website): https://hostingchecker.com/
Copy paste the fraudulent link in the input and click "find host"
Image Lightbox
look at the "Organization name" in my case, it means that the website is hosted by Fastnet, once done, browser in the host website and search in their contact informations, most of the time, they have a mail adress dedicated to report this kind of abuse.
Just write them a mail giving them the fraudulent imvu link, explaining them this is a fake login account designed to steal people account and they will take them off.
It is more effective than simply reporting imvu accounts, i doubt the unskilled imvu staff take the time reporting these websites to their hosts, people has to create account and host everything back and they could also lose access to their database if they're hosted on the same service. And i'm sure they will get ip banned if they keep trying to host phishing websites on the same platforms. Plus some of the hosting services are really reactive (fastnet is really, really fast to take a fraudulent website hosted by them down).

It is a bit long to do, but i think it worth it if we want idiots to stop abusing people trusts
have a nice day!
Posted 10 months ago
This is good, and It'll help for sure, but I found the easiest way is to just look at the URL. If "https://www.imvu.com" is not the very first thing you see, don't click it. Phishing is a rampant and easy way to steal accounts, that seems to get a ton of people. Be safe guys :excitedwave:
Posted 10 months ago · Author
yes of course, they often doesn't have a registered domain names so they look like "http://bullshit.randomname.somethingthatlookslikeimvu.ca", it's an easy way to check on it, and anyway, if it asks you to log in by opening your normal windows, if you often use imvu, this is already really suspicious too, but it happens to everyone to be distracted once.
A guy keep trying to get my account as i said, next time he sends me a link i'll spam his database with fake login infos

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