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Don Von Alpha Dom
by Don Von Alpha Dom · 174 posts
7 years ago
Posted 7 years ago · Author
I need to know how many people would like to know how to make PRB's. I have a few PRB techniques that can make AP/UFI products pass as GA without flaw. These techniques make the product impervious to peer review, customer support review, and flagging. Would anyone be interested in learning? Basically, this would give anyone and everyone access to custom AP/UFI products. Let me know below. If there are enough people, I am willing to share my secrets for free and simply watch the chaos ensue. I have dozens of different working techniques for this purpose, so even if IMVU staff by some miracle manage patch one of them ... there are more ways lined up to quickly replace them. I theorize that we could have GA AP products for at least a few years. As an added bonus, this should keep IMVU staff too busy to fuck with our UFI sex products. I am tired of IMVU staff messing with our UFI sex products, so I am willing and ready to step up the game if you guys are ready. Let me know. ;)

If you show talent, we can even pay you to make brand new sex products for us; we pay base + bounty + first month's profit on any sex product you add to our catalog. We have several sex product developers who do this for us already and we are always looking for more developers. You could be next. :moneyspin: :moneyspin: :moneyspin:

Basic skills in 2D geometry and xml style scripting (example: html) are helpful, but not required. If need be, we can teach you everything from the ground up.

- Don Von Alpha Dom

P.S. Fuck IMVU staff


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Posted 7 years ago
i would like to know
Posted 7 years ago
im interested in knowin
Posted 7 years ago
Yes, Don, I would like to know. I may not submit PRB's but I'd still love to know if the occasion presents itself.
Posted 7 years ago
Yessss!!!!, i really would love to know bout it Don :badgrin: :badgrin: :badgrin: :badgrin:
Posted 7 years ago
I would love to learn how to do it.
Posted 7 years ago
I am Down with it. I have brand new rooms that I cant even load and that ive wasted credits on smh Im tried of the dumb shit. Imvu needs to get with it. So we need to make them.
Posted 7 years ago
I'm interested In learning how
Posted 7 years ago
im keen to learn how to Don :snowman:
Posted 7 years ago
I am very interested, staff imvu has tired me fuck

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