How to derive a product from a disabled develloper?

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by TheDarKitsune · 10 posts
4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago · Author

I try to find some derivation of this
Te problem is: the dev is disabled, and all of other derivations are blocked.
I have try to contact the other devs how have block the derivations, but no answear...
So? Got an idea?

If you know an other Fox pet, close to this one, say to me :)

PS: Sorry if i do mistakes in english, my first language is french...
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Posted 4 years ago
Hmm, I don't think that's possible to be done because usually a creators shop disappears.
Posted 4 years ago
You can not derive it when the Creator of it is disabled, the ''template'' is going to get disabled aswell.
Posted 4 years ago
You can't do it once they are disabled
Posted 4 years ago
Most of the time you will get lucky by clicking "Show Derivable Products Only"
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but if nothing is displayed being me ... ill do a Rip
Posted 4 years ago · Author
Hey all ^^

Finally a dev answear to my private messages,
and i got my Kitsune <3 im so happy.

So thankies for answear me ;)

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Posted 4 years ago · Author
Thank you,
actually im waiting to get some credits on imvu,
to do a derivable one, for all Kitsune and fox lovers.

For now, i have made just one, the one of my pic.
But others will comes soon <3

By the way, follow this link to find my catalogue:

-- Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:47 am --

It's the secund time i save one of his creation...
This dev is amazing, all of his pets are great.
Im really proud to save them ^.^

Sadly he disapear of imvu... ... d=30660524
But i will continue to fight to make him a tribute.

I know, im crazy x)
Posted 8 months ago
I've found one way, although not very sure if works all the time, but...
In the IMVU Studio Beta, you go to the catalogue browser tab, there you find any derivation of the original mesh you wanted, and there on the right appears a preview of the item and below it, appear the -item derived from- and there you just click on the derived from if appears. It worked for me to derive from a disabled dev. Cheers!
Posted 8 months ago
yaaay!!! glad u were able to get it! :D

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