What are the risks? - Submitting products against the rules

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by ElAlphard · 5 posts
2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago · Author
Recently I've been considering to get the VIP and become a creator.
I'd like to make all sorts of products, but keep a few of them - against the rules - for personal use.

- What kind of risks I'd face by submitting products against the rules that would always stay hidden in the shop?
- Would the ''Peer Review'' detect them? In such case, what would be the consequences in the context of not intending to sell them at all?

I'm assuming this is the only way (without relying on third-party software) of creating products for personal use, to wear and be visible for the rest.
Posted 2 years ago

The risks I'd say are considerably higher. IMVU has banned a TON of people from peer review. Being more specific: people who macro'd or scripted the f out of the system, and passed everything as an ok product. Second, IMVU checks personally all products a new creator submits to the game. Some people have said that they check all the way to tier 2 or 3. So I would wait too. Somethings I put towards the shop can take upwards of 8 hours (recently) to pass. It is very dangerous right now.

Even if you don't sell, peer review is the danger at the moment. But people are still managing to pass somethings here and there.
Posted 2 years ago
's assessment. Anything a tire 2 or bellow submits to the catalog, is manually checked over by IMVU staff (also known as "Customer Service Review", not to be confused with "Peer Review"). Even if you get to tire 4 ... so you don't have to deal with Customer Service Review anymore, Peer Review is slow and brutal ... expect a 70% chance at best that your UFI sex product gets through Peer Review. If it fails ... you are putting an account at risk that you have probably spent a couple hundred thousand credits and hundreds of hours on ... building up to tire 4.


You are better off using our private product server for sex products; that way you can avoid the entire review process.
Posted 2 years ago · Author
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Sounds like a lottery with high chances of wasting money and valuable time.
Thank you both for the advice.
Posted 5 months ago
Yup like the other two commenters mentioned it's not worth it at all. The promo credit incentives that IMVU gives out to users to 'catch' products against TOS puts your account at an all time high to be banned.

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