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by kotowaru · 8 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago · Author
hey there! Im not sure if I'm posting in the correct topic, I'm sorry if Im not. So recently I learned about BFB/B4B and would like to know if theres any group/discord server where I can find people who do that?

I'm trying to raise my sales on this new shop I'm building, but since my products are so niche Im afraid it will be hard for me to grow as a creator, get exposure and tier levels
Ive seen people doing that on IMVU rooms but, to me, that seems a bit risky as anyone could just flag the chat or something. so I assumed a group outside imvu could be the best option, but I have no idea where to find people doing that
Posted 1 year ago
I look forward to checking out your caddy kotowaru. I love to shop till i drop :)
Posted 1 year ago · Author
ooo alright, I didnt know you guys had a discord server!! im totes joining

ur so sweet! my catty still dont have much stuff but I can link you it if you want, maybe you could find something of your likings
Posted 1 year ago
Also, try creator chatrooms they can also help with b4b they are always helpful
Posted 4 months ago

I also second creator chatrooms but sometimes some can be a little arrogant and rude. Best bet is to find more discord servers outside IMVU MAFIAS that specialize in BFBs. I can't remember a few off the top of my head but BFBs are helpful to say the least
Posted 4 months ago

u can try the shoutout in imvu website it helps
Posted 3 months ago
Use photo stream as well.lots of creators show off and model off their stuff their to.

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