Getting back to try creating question.

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by Cedric · 5 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago · Author

So it may have been couple of years since I left IMVU behind for rational reasons.
I would like to get back to creating as I still have a grandfathered account to get on the way with it.

IMVU has thess options :

a) Derive New Product
b) Open a Local Project
c) Edit a Product

I assume that the a) is already a product that I derive from it and has derivation fees and c) I edit a product already created or derived from.

So I am questioning myself if I could use the option b) to upload a product myself with the need of being derived from store, so I could pass by the derivation fee, even is not that much a cost, but just asking.


Can I get pass by the derivation fee with creating a product of chkn my own self without derivation? If yes, what programs can transform "let's say something created in blender or 3ds max" and export as chkn?
Posted 1 year ago

Create the product in blender. Save as an fbx. Use option A. Then open the "fbx import" tab in create mode. Import the fbx file. Set the materials / textures under the meshes tab. Apply changes. Save.
Posted 1 year ago · Author
Thanks, I'll try when I have some free time.
Posted 1 year ago
I've made changes to stuff I've derive from and already uploaded to the catalog. As long as I havent made any sells off something I dont mind making changes on it and no as long as you use the edit button in the imvu catty shop to make changes you wont be charged again. At lest thats another way to do make changes with out getting charged again. I always used PaintShop Pro.
Posted 1 year ago

You can not get pass by the derivation fee. At all.
No matter if you made the product from scratch via 3d modelling or just deriving as a regular developer, all UPLOADS/SUBMISSIONS are subject to a minimum of 304 derivation fee and some extra credit fees in markup. So if you are looking to submit a product on IMVU, you will always, and I mean always get subjected to a minimum of 333 credit fee from IMVU.

However, what Don Von Alpha Dom said is about saving the product for now so you can maybe finish it later, but not submitting the product for you or anyone else to wear.

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