Creation Without VIP

by SKT PORO · 9 posts
6 months ago
Posted 6 months ago · Author

there any way to unable creation Buttom without VIP

Posted 6 months ago · Author
Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
@SKT POROYes, but it results in the account getting banned after 3 - 5 products are opened in create mode.

@Don Von Alpha Dom

please can you clarify more Don ..

1- its possible to have the shop open without Creating
2 - If i created and Hide the products ( Creat only for me ) bring ban too?
Posted 6 months ago
1- its possible to have the shop open without Creating

No, you can not open a shop without first signing the IMVU creator agreement. Accessing that agreement requires VIP or an active grandfathered account. This is a server side check.

2 - If i created and Hide the products ( Creat only for me ) bring ban too?

You can only hide a product after uploading. Enabling create mode without VIP does not enable uploading. Uploading products has a server side check. You can only bypass client side checks, not server side checks.
Posted 5 months ago
If we could do that it would be sick
Posted 5 months ago
back in the 2010 the creating mode was so easy wihtout vip or anything just buy ur name and u are a creator :D
Posted 5 months ago
With alots of product right now in shops, IMVU needs a way to reduce that number for several reasons, and so VIP was made.
Posted 5 months ago
there is no way to create and submit a product without a creator privilege.....there are programs to unlock create mode for practice purposes but you can never submit a product even if you hide it....this will end up to your account being banned. and right now it is not advise able to use this programs. so your only way is to have a grandfather account or a vip to can just use vio for a month or so....submit what you want hidden....then cancel the vip. hope this help. Stay safe everyone.
Posted 5 months ago

Your best and safest bet is to invest in a grandfather account. I paid $50 for mines upfront but in the long run it cuts out the expense of having to buy VIP every single month because 9.99$ adds up fast. Good luck.

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