How to make a product "Anyskin"

by Mew · 11 posts
11 years ago
Posted 11 years ago · Author
First off i would suggest starting with a product that would look good "anyskined" (not most clothing)
such as the following products: ... id=6656605 ... id=8882486 ... id=6906075 ... id=3762233

Now depending on what product you derive from, there may already be a skin texture like this:

now if there is not, you will have to click on the "Debug" tab at the top of the create pannel and add the following assets:
((For the red arrow you need to click "add key" (it adds basically a folder) and for the black arrow you will need to click "Add Data"))
(make sure that the skin layer is set to material number 7!)

next you will simply need to add a SOLID BLACK opacity map to the texture you want to be "Anyskinned"
then where it says "Material Parameters" make sure the "Skin Composite" checkbox is checked.

then you just have to click Apply Changes. and BAM!! your done lol.
i hope this helps some of you developers. im sure this will mostly help people that make furry products, or skin tight clothing that they want to be gone.
Posted 9 years ago
Wish I would have found this sooner. Thanks so much! :D
Posted 9 years ago
yeh me too lmao.. hell I wish I had looked sooner actually :)~ tanks again :) oh I do have 1 question. u mentioned red and black arrows, exactly where would u see the red or black arrows I haven't seen any specially in the deg area, thanks again :mrgreen:
Posted 3 years ago
Hi there I try that it didn't work for me

yay I got it yo work :katheart7: :katheart7: :katheart7: :katheart7:
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks!!. Is this product only for ViP?
Posted 3 years ago
Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
Dickcomuf wrote:Thanks!!. Is this product only for ViP?@DickcomufYou can access create mode without VIP via IMVU Lite: viewtopic.php?f=179&t=8013
Don comes in clutch once again. Thansk bro.
Posted 3 years ago
Very nice. I will have to try this for sure! thanks !
Posted 1 year ago
Another technique I have heard about the any skin products, is to go in -meshes- tab, then in -texture assets- to pick the skin by default (female0|.anime.nakedskin.xrf) or whatever appears as default in the product, and from there comes the interesting thing, trying to make it look normal using the -texture animation - below, and play with the animations and size of the cells unti it looks normal. But it will depend on the product which technique to use.

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