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by DataMine · 28 posts
8 years ago
Posted 8 years ago · Author
Alright guys, so I've finally gotten a tutorial gallery up for you all to use. I originally wanted to make my own but it was becoming too time consuming and I didn't have enough knowledge to make it as perfect and fast as I'd like so I decided to get a free one online.

So without further ado, here is our new tutorial gallery: tutorials/index.php

How to use the tutorial page:

1) Visit: tutorials/index.php
2) Click on a category to view the tutorials inside
3) Click on an image to view the tutorial

If you wish to view the full size image, just click the "Actual Size" button at the bottom while the image is open

This gallery will be the place where our users can come and view tutorials and guides on how to do different things with IMVU in one easy to use place. Right now it only contains tutorials on developing and doing graphics but in the future I plan on adding more to it such as tutorials on PRBS, using the site or anything else you all might like.

The tutorials posted are either made by me or found online in free public places. If the author of the tutorial is known, I have their name written in the file name so it can easily be seen. If you are the author of any of the tutorials and wish yours to be removed, just send me a private message and let me know so I can remove it.

If you would like to add tutorials to the gallery, please send me a private message with the tutorial and author name and I will upload it. If you don't know the author name, that is fine, I will post it anyway and remove it if the author is found and asks me to do so.

The gallery is SFW (safe for work) right now, but this is liable to change at any time depending on what is added.

Hope you all enjoy and get some use out of this!
Posted 8 years ago · Author
xhynrae wrote:
Thanks DM for putting this all together in one handy dandy place. So much easier to reference to when learning when its all in one place and categorized.

You're welcome. If you ever make a tutorial or find some you'd like added, let me know.
Posted 8 years ago
thanks DM for the wonderful Tuts :D :D :D :D
Posted 8 years ago
GREAT work DM ! Thanks !
Posted 8 years ago
Thanks DM
Posted 8 years ago
yeah, thank you very much :)
Posted 8 years ago
Приветствую, отличный код. Надеюсь несколько кликов в нужных (и интересных) местах страницы послужат небольшой благодарностью. .Ответить

-- Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:41 am --

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