What annoys you?

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by General Tony · 237 posts
12 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
Hmmm. I guess there is quite a few things that annoy me.
Nats, Mosquitoes and flies that wont go away.

People who talk shit to you and play around but get all but hurt and take it to damn personal when you talk shit and play back with them. I think that has to be my worst.

People putting their trash on the counter/ sink when the trash can is two feet away from them. Or even they put it on the oven and the trash can is literally up against the oven.

Calling for my dogs and they don't listen at all xD.

People not having common sense. xD. I think that one is a given.
Posted 3 years ago
My number one annoying thing is Empty toilet paper roll. -__- holy moly that can be so annoying. Second in line has to be a Kitchen sponge left in the sink to soak and slime up. Third what annoys me quite a lot is lights left on when non inside the room.
Posted 3 years ago
Sweat... on a hot day
Posted 3 years ago
- if people smack while eating (its a ear cancer)
- if people in imvu getting on my nerves with inviting, sending a friend request specfielly new users.
- the same crap on tv
- if imvu servers crashing
- no money on my bank account
- when im getting fatty by eating
- when i dont know what i can eat for dinner
- when i wanna buy new clothing, but bank account says no! :(
- when im poor in imvu
- when i have no friends in imvu
Posted 3 years ago
Scam emails , scam phone calls , IMVU users to ask for gift and credits and vip and AP etc.
Posted 3 years ago
scammer guys
Posted 3 years ago
Annoying that they put a sending limit per month and day on accounts. Lot’s of there rules annoy me. Imvu needs to step it up!

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