Let's Play a Game & Win Medits (Contest Closed)

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by Soli · 10 posts
4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago · Author
:excitedwave: Let's play a game. I would love to see everyone's fun and sexy writing skills. Start with setting a scene... who. What, and where. Next person gets to write a short scene. Must b able to make it sexy no matter how ridiculous the scene setup is. Next person can start the new scene with the previous Post's set up. After u post a scene, make sure you set up the next one. You can either say "Continue" and have the next person play off of your existing scene, or set up a new one by writing who, what, and where after your post.

At the end of the week, I'll choose the best scene and award 500 Medits :awesome25:
You can enter as many times as you want but you can not reply to your own set up.

Let's get started :awesome25:

Who: Catwoman
What: skinnydipping
Where: Desert

Update: New Round starting today. Winner will be chosen next Saturday, May 5th! Image Lightbox
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Posted 4 years ago
In fact a very nice method I need a lot of Meditse these days :)
But as far as I can see, nobody participated in why?
I do not think such a method is forbidden.
If you want to open up again and play such a game.
We all get thousands of medits, how about you?
Posted 4 years ago · Author
@Tastek, it's not forbidden. I asked Data before posting just to be sure and he said it's fine. I'm not sure why no one was interested but I had hoped to encourage some people to interact a bit. I like talkative people. Figured this would be a nice way to meet them and incentivize them to interact a bit more. I'm working towards my glowing name and I know people out there are farming medits by posting in any way they can. This was my attempt at giving them another way to earn. If you're really interested, I'd be glad to keep going. U can b the first to start. Same rules as before and In one week, I'll choose the best entry and award 500 medits. Image Lightbox Good Luck!
Posted 4 years ago
I think no one is playing because they do not really understand the objective But with reading i will give it a try and start it out for others but I don't need the medits just wanted to give you all something to go on if I think I know what it is you are asking to do....so here goes ................

I sat at my desk snowed under with work. I looked at all the paperwork that cluttered my desk and then looked at the calendar. May 19 was circled on my calendar and written in large black letters it said VACATION!!!!. I smiled as I realized that was tomorrow. So I piled up all the paperwork all nice and neat and looked over my Cubicle next to me. He was away on break. I stood with the pile and walked over and placed it neatly on his desk, kinda hidden by his own work. I looked at my watch and it was time to leave. I cleaned up the top of my Desk and grabbed my purse and my Keys and left. I arrived home ate me something quick for dinner and then Packed to leave in the morning.

May 19: I woke..Showered...got dress...Grabbed my Luggage and headed to the airport. Stood in line for half a hour to get my ticket and check my baggage. Lets see where am I going... Egypt. 8 hours flight and I finally arrive. Thank God, Hate being couped up for so long in a tin can. I deboard and get my baggage as I go outside to the curb to hail a Taxi. I arrive at the hotel as I look at my Itenerary of what I will be doing for the next week. Day 1...Valley of the Kings.....Day 2...Spinx.....Day 3-6....Camel Train. Well day 1 and day 2 have passed such great days, Saw and learned so much. Wake up Day 3. Take a jeep to the location where we all gather to get our camels. I load my few pieces of clothing as well as My water and food and get instructions on how to make him go and stop. I mount my camel and find my self at the end of the camel train.

Day 4. Heat is hot the sand is blowing into my face and against my Body, can hardly see. Sandstorm I think I heard it was called. Once it cleared I looked around and for miles and miles I saw nothing NOT EVEN THE TRAIN...Oh lord I am Lost. I hope down off my Camel as I take out the Map to try and see where I am. I have no clue as there is no landmarks, not like reading a city map, no roads no buildings no signs for towns. Hopeless. I decided I will remount my Camel and head towards the setting sun, hoping it will lead me to a road or perhaps a village. The heat bearing down on me I am thirsty and hot as I see that my camel is as well. I look out and all I see is the hot sand a endless DESERT. It seemed like I had traveled maybe 10 miles and I spy some trees, a oasis, I head towards it. Prior to us leaving on our excursion we were warned of robbers and with that in mind still i creep up slowly to make sure there were none.

I dismount my Camel and walk to the edge of the oasis spying the crystal blue water that looked so crisp and sweet, so inviting. But wait I see something pop it's head up out of the water and then go back under then back up, swimming as gracefully as can be. I rubbed my eyes and thought the heat was getting to me but I looked again and sure enough it was the shape of a volumptuios woman. her tan skin glistening with the water hugging tightly to her body as she swam back and forth. She was SKINNYDIPPING. I could not believe it, A woman in the nude out here in the middle of no where. I moved a little closer parting the bushes so that I could get a better view. Not that I am funny but she does have a very attractive body and the way she moves is so sentual. But something seemed off. As I moved closer and looked with clearer eyes She was wearing a hood, a covering over her head, A cat mask. From that moment on I could only thing to call her CATWOMAN.

As I looked from her to the edge of the bank I saw a chest beside some clothing and wondered to myself what was in the chest........(CONTINUE)
Posted 4 years ago · Author
love it! Image Lightbox

-- Tue May 01, 2018 3:04 am --

I'm gonna continue from your story so people can see how it goes. Anyone who wants to jump in, go for it. Image Lightbox


Noticing the chest, I slowly crawled along the tall, hot grass and ,made my way towards the mysterious box. I was inches away when I felt something sharp digging painfully into my right breast, followed by the sound of fabric tearing. Cursing, I looked down and noticed my right breast partially exposed as a light trickle of blood ran along my soft pale skin. "Stupid sharp rocks," I mumbled before turning back towards the box.
I froze as my nose grazed the soft skin of the intoxicating
CatWoman who I now realized on closer inspection wasn't wearing a mask at all. Her piercing yellow eyes bore into me seeming to search my soul. Still petrified, the sound of my heart echoed in my ears for what seemed an eternity.
The woman's head tilted and she gracefully stood and regarded me with curiosity. On shaky legs, I stood and studied her in return. She was tall and lithe, her flawless skin was tan and inviting. I found myself acutely conscious of my own appearance. My long dark hair, previously in a sexy updo now hung in disarray, strays trailing down past my shoulders, my white blouse, filthy and tattered, the skin on my right breast visibly prickling as the soft breeze kissed my bare skin. I couldn't stop staring at the gorgeous creature. Here in the middle of the
desert, I was lost and yet all I could think of at this moment was the longing below my belly as I found myself squeezing my thighs together.
The image of that glistening body,
skinny dipping and emerging from the cool waters of the oasis, I couldn't help but lick my lips as a soft murmur escaped me...

(Continue using current set-up) or Start a New Scene

Who: Space Alien
What: Dancing
Where: Arcade
Posted 3 years ago
It's been years but a friend of mine use to send these as we called them Pick-A-Letters. She would start a letter and stop at a point and you would have to fill in the blank. One of the choices was what really happened and the other 3 or 4 were not. They got to be pretty hilarious.
Posted 2 years ago
who janna jamerson what rough sex where on a plane
Posted 2 years ago

i dont understand this game about what
Posted 2 years ago · Author

you create a story using the who what and where from the previous post. At the end you choose a new who what and where. In your case, you would create a story using...
countryboy3605 wrote:
who janna jamerson what rough sex where on a plane

After you write your story about janna jamerson rough sex on a plane, you would choose a new set of words for the next person to write about. Example: Who: Mermaid What: Flying Where: Volcano

Posted 2 years ago
Hope you start new one soon. really love that.

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