Help - account banned for lying about age

by glomistq · 17 posts
2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago · Author
So one of my accounts got banned because I jokingly said i was 13 in a chatroom so a female would leave me alone then her friends reported me thinking it was funny now im banned is there anyway i can get my account back ?
Posted 2 years ago
yes you can file a case and and send a photo of you having your ID card in your hands or your passport then imvu must return your account back to you because this verify that you are above the age allow to be in imvu
Posted 2 years ago · Author
Thank you i will be contacting them as soon as possible
Posted 2 years ago
there was no reason to lie you could of just blocked them lol
Posted 2 years ago
you should have relized that in todays world underage is very sencitive subject, saying that did you no good at all, I also agree you need to appeal this ban by showing your id to them showing who you realy are, but you still have a issue to worry about, the idea of stating you were underage will cause you to be labled as one that wants to present yourself to find someone that is looking for are you are a not so nice person, best bet is to forget all about the account and just create a new one, to many risks to try to just fight it, so many have created new accounts its so easy just do that and forget the past, good luck to you
Posted 2 years ago
this seems a bit excessive i dont know why this would happen when almost a ton of people lie about their age on vu
Posted 2 years ago
we do know a lot of them do lye about their age when the sign up, that's why they do the id registration to help limit that from happening, the issue becomes when some one says they are say 21 on their profile but advertise in words to some one they are 13 or other minor ages, then that is what gets them in trouble, I agree with the ban to try to protect from under age things happening, so I believe that imvu did the right thing in this case, but I also feel that the person that did get deleted should have the ability to plead their case so they an get their account back,
Posted 2 years ago
Only thing I would advise you do to bro is contact imvu about the situation. Thats pretty messed up imo.
Posted 2 years ago
IMVU STAFF is always quick when they have to ban someone, but when they need to help, they are always busy lol

It is easier to get banned than to get help with any problem.
Posted 2 years ago
or other thing you can do is hope you remember your friends list, (the ones you talked to all the time) and then just create a new account, less stress with the whole thing,
oh yes and with the new account learn what you did wrong and don't do it again,

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