IMVU Program - Product Asset Extractor

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by DataMine · 325 posts
6 years ago
Posted 4 years ago
Im afriad to dl it exactly what is it used for
Posted 4 years ago
Ekko wrote:
Im afriad to dl it exactly what is it used for

A chkn is a product asset archive. If you are an IMVU product developer, then you will have tons of chkns on your computer.

This program allows you to easily access and extract assets of a specified type from your chkns, without the use of IMVU create mode.
Posted 4 years ago · Author
Ekko wrote:
Im afriad to dl it exactly what is it used for

You can trust all of the programs made by me.
Posted 4 years ago
hmm i see okay sounds interesting
Posted 4 years ago
Instructions unclear. Got dick caught in ceiling fan. :dick:

Naw but, seriously. Decided I'd have a go at this, just to be able to rip a few poses from some stuff I have derived from.

I click 'select all' then 'extract assets'. And... it doesn't seem to be doing anything?
No folder has appeared or anything, for the extracted assets to go into.

Don;t get me wrong, the program looks like a simple 'click of a button' type of deal.
Just the program seems to not budge. :awesome38:

-- Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:09 pm --

Wait. Nevermind. I TL;DR'd the last page on this thread.

Turns out that this isn't the kind of program I was after.

False alarm, guys! My bad. :panda9:
Posted 4 years ago · Author

This program is for local files. It extracts assets from CHKN files on your own computer. Basically it's a program for people who don't know how to open chkns or people who have a lot of chkns to extract from and don't want to manually pick the assets they want.

If you want an extractor that gets assets from IMVU's server then you need to purchase the MPR or T3DE from me.
Posted 4 years ago
how can i download it i dont have enough medits :kat_emoji1:
Posted 4 years ago · Author
psychopat wrote:
how can i download it i dont have enough medits

You can earn medits by posting on our forums or by playing the medit lottery. If you hover over your medits at the top of the site a drop down menu will appear with links to different places dealing with medits.
Posted 4 years ago
Going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.
Posted 4 years ago · Author

Let me know what you think of it.

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