adding xmf/xml/xrf files in blender?

by Queenophobia · 6 posts
5 years ago
Posted 5 years ago · Author
Hi, (I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, Please move it if you can!)

I found this site through Google and someone asking a similar question but the links I've clicked weren't much of a help...

I'm trying to find a way to import XML, XRF and XMF files into Blender, I've tried adding the CAL3D Blender Importer-Exporter but it only allowed me to export, I've did a crap ton of searching, clicking and downloading to the point where almost every link on Google is purple.

I'm trying to convert from IMVU to The Sims 4 (personal use).
Posted 5 years ago
~Moved to Developer Help & Requests~

I'd be interested in knowing this as well. If any of you guys and gals are Blender devs hits us up with some knowledge.
Posted 5 years ago · Author
NullData wrote:
not sure if this is any help.

Nope. Tried that one too,

Posted 4 years ago
Unfortunately my conclusions on the part below are that it doesn't do quite what I expected it to, it works with .cmf files, which unfortunately is not a file type that can be exported from blender, and it's actually a script converting files from the python console, in stead of a blender import addon as I expected

I was dabbling this last couple of days for a similar solution, and I found something that seems interesting.
This website
is in french, but what it basically says is that the guy owning the blog has build a way to import CAL3D meshes, notably the .xmf into blender, I will try it in a couple of hours when I get back home during my lunch break, and see what can be done.

I was planning to ask for help from some python developer to help me write the import plugin, since clearly everyone would need one.
I have the bad habit of forgetting to save files before alt+f4 closing my blender after an export, especially when creating small things to test on meshes, and I end up having to recreate them allover again from scratch sometime, and somehow...I never get 2 perfect identical ones.
The guy says his plugin is unable to also import auxiliar configs like UV maps/textures/weights..but's a step forward.

Apparently, another post on blender artists
was stating that another importer was created a long time ago in 2k13 to the same purpose, but I haven;t quite tracked down the actual plugin yet.

I'll come back with my conclusions after noon today, and hopefully we can find a solution , even if just for the .xmf for now.
Posted 4 years ago
Not that I am any help to this but just happened to be passing by the headings of these topics and literally just imagined files labeled as such being thrown into a literal blender. Not sure why, but why not share it and get some Medits out of my imaginations hahaha.

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