Ripping and converting to fbx or obj

by GreyMan · 7 posts
1 week ago
Posted 1 week ago · Author
Is there a tool that i can use to extract a obj or a fbx along with the texture from imvu?
Posted 1 week ago

Depends, does the product contain morphs? There are tools and services out there, but I've never seen one that supports morphs.

Ripping is easy, but ripping gives you xmf; not obj nor fbx. You have to use a converter to convert the xmf to fbx or to obj. All of the converters available ignore morphs.
Posted 1 week ago · Author
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Its not a specific product just any product. is there a tool for ripping or is it something else? how would you know if it has morphs?
Posted 1 week ago

is there a tool for ripping or is it something else?

There's more than one to choose from. Here: buysell/black_market_index.php?question=T3DE&mode=search

how would you know if it has morphs?

If a product has triggers that change it's shape / size, then it probably has morphs. For example, most dicks for IMVU contain morphs, because a dick has to be able to change shape / size (get hard).
Posted 1 week ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

Is the XMF to FBX/OBJ converter available on imvu mafias? Or just something I'd search on google?
Posted 1 week ago

Just search for it on google. There are several of them out there. I've tried a few and they were all ok-ish. Expect for the conversion to be slow and with occasional failures. Most sites charge between $50 - $250 for the software, but it all works the same. I'm pretty sure they are all just slapping different UI's over the same library.

Here's one I've purchased and used: /

I've got a few of these converters ... the sites that sell them come and go. None of the sites even know what IMVU is ... they refer to XMF as the CAL3D format, which is the 3D engine that IMVU uses. Anything for converting and manipulating CAL3D files will also work on IMVU assets.

Keep in mind, the conversion normally only works on decompiled assets, so you do have to decompile the assets before converting them. You can buy CAL3D decompilers here: buysell/black_market_index.php?mode=search&question=decompiler
Posted 1 week ago
@Don Von Alpha Dom

I appreciate the info Don. Thank you.

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