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by Don Von Alpha Dom · 6 posts
6 years ago
Posted 6 years ago · Author
Alright community, I received this message in my inbox today:

hip wrote:
Hi.I was wondering if you have or know of anything that changes your log in date on imvu? I seen on some peoples avatar card the date is always a few days off ,I know of the code to hide the date but it does nothing on avatar card. only hides it on homepage, thanks

I need answers. Has anyone heard of this?
Posted 6 years ago
I saw many avatar card with wrong login, honestly I thought that's a glitch.
Posted 6 years ago
In my experience with imvu....i think its not only showing log ins on the client...if you are auto sign in on your phone or tablet or have been using your web with auto log ins on your avatar,,,it shows in your card that date you have used the above or even if you have not used them as long as you are auto signed in on any of this appears on your card....I got in trouble with this with a friend who always tells me why am I on imvu...where as i have never been there for a while...i was traveling...and finally realize that my phone logs me in on imvu without me knowing know some glitches that imvu I have deleted the app on my phone...and tablets...LOL....So from then on I try to check them all!...LOL.. With changing the dates on the card...I have heard nothing about that...sorry...If somebody knows a way...please share with us...Have a great day! :wave: :wave: :wave:
Posted 1 year ago
In the provur, I was randomly checking, and I saw this ID with weird last login date , using the location viewer show he did appear 1 day ago... but in the avatar profile card show he was last login a week ago, hmm, how does he do it? Does anyone know?

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Posted 1 year ago
Thanks for this. It was really helpful.

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