by Heralds · 14 posts
3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago · Author
Hello guys, I dont know what happened but all panels on my phone and pc become like this >>>

is it just me or, some sort of an update hit the website?
I really dont like this. Very annoying. Please help if this is a problem

Thanks Heralds
Posted 3 years ago
im guessing changes to the site

-- Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:35 am --
Posted 3 years ago
got it thanks datamine
Posted 3 years ago · Author
I ran Ctrl+R on my PC and nothing has changed it just refreshes.

-- Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:33 pm --

Although I was not able to click on community button but after CTRL+R I can click on it. But it is still kinda annoying that I have to scroll all the way down every time I switch between panels. Solution please.
Posted 3 years ago
I fixed the links not working not long after my last post. They are all working fine now.

As for the styling issue...what you see is not what the menu is supposed to look like...the solution is to refresh your cache so your browser will download a fresh copy of our style sheet. If ctr+r isn't working, try ctrl+shift+r. If that doesn't work then clear your cache through your browser's history menu.

Keep in mind you have to do this for every browser and device you use to visit our site. Refreshing your cache on the desktop won't refresh it on mobile for example.
Posted 3 years ago · Author
Alright my pc version back to normal thanks to you. Now I will clear cache on my mobile apps. Thank youuu

-- Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:42 pm --

Alrigt phone is fixed too. If anyone having the same problem on mobile. Just go to > Storage> Chrome> Clear Cache. It fixes it.
Posted 3 years ago
This is caused by us not having a version system in place. We having a single version of our style sheet and no way to tell the browser to download a fresh copy. So until you refresh your cache or the cache expires, your browser won't download a fresh copy of our style sheet. So if I make some changes to our style sheet such as adding or removing css like I did when I updated new menu, the browser won't render it since it's not part of the style sheet it has in it's cache.

I plan on doing some research and seeing about implementing a version system to prevent the problem in the future.
Posted 3 years ago · Author
Oh you know what, same thing happens when you edit a product in IMVU. Like for an example if you change the size of an headsign or texture of a clothing, the new look of it will not appear to anyone unless they clear their IMVU cache. I'm not a big fun of clearing the cache even tho it helps to a lot of things, because after cache is cleared, everything will need to reload unnecessarily. Thanks Again for the help.

Posted 3 years ago
Yea I had the same problem, yesterday.. but it seems to be all good now? Not really sure what was going on, I restarted my entire browser and it seemed alright as soon as I did that, so don't really know.. hopefully the problem doesn't come back? Not really sure what to do to fix it permanently, but it sounds like from earlier posts from others the problems been fixed already, so I got nothing to worry about, right? lmao

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