Trouble presenting in live rooms on mobile

by BigChiefSavage · 2 posts
1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago · Author
A lot of people have been having issues with not being able to load their control buttons when it comes to joining a live. What's happening is it's not registering that you went through the training I guess or the tutorial rather I don't know but here's the transcript of the support chat..

To summarize the solution real quick, uninstall and reinstall the app join a live room first so the tutorial plays in the live room and covers the live room features. After that you should have no more issues!

Chat Started: Sunday, April 17, 2022, 06:55:51 (-0700)

Agent Karl Enrico

( 4s ) Karl Enrico: Hi, welcome to IMVU WebChat! My name is Karl Enrico. Please state your concern and stay on the chat. I'll be with you shortly.
( 16s ) Karl Enrico: Hi there Ghostthrasher0914, so happy to have you here in chat. I hope you're having a great time right now!
( 56s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Hello not really having the best of time because you guys are a constant headache and hassle but I'm doing okay and I hope you are as well and I hope you're well versed in your job unlike most on here
( 1m 18s ) Karl Enrico: I see, may I know what happened?
( 1m 40s ) Ghostthrasher0914: So my question is ever since the last one or two updates for some reason I myself personally as well as many others are struggling to present when we join a live. Right now I have a live room going and I have a friend who cannot join in and we're not sure why it's happening
( 2m 40s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Also I had my account temporarily banned and when they get given back my rooms are missing I have things all kinds of messed up on my account
( 3m 59s ) Karl Enrico: I see, about the first issue, may I know what device you're using?
( 4m 51s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Okay so mine personally I have one that's definitely outdated and I understand it's having major issues and that's what I'm using right now to talk to you on it has Android 8 on it still sadly. My other one is a Samsung
( 5m 4s ) Ghostthrasher0914: One moment while I look I don't remember what model it is I think it's the 8:20 though
( 5m 8s ) Ghostthrasher0914: A20
( 5m 36s ) Ghostthrasher0914: It's running Android 10 and it's starting to act up recently as well
( 5m 48s ) Karl Enrico: I see, have you already tried troubleshooting the app on your device?
( 6m 22s ) Ghostthrasher0914: I have to regularly uninstall reinstall clear data clear cache like every hour or so sadly this app is just destroying my devices
( 6m 36s ) Ghostthrasher0914: I'm going to ask my friend what type of phone she has right now
( 7m 32s ) Ghostthrasher0914: And I have so many issues and questions I could have you on here all day honestly she's using a Moto g stylus I'm about to ask her which one because I used to sell those years ago
( 7m 55s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Definitely Android as well
( 8m 47s ) Karl Enrico: I see, let me just check my resources, please wait for a moment.
( 9m 43s ) Ghostthrasher0914: No problem and I'm not sure why it doesn't seem to matter what kind of device people have lately ever since the update rolled out with the ads which are placed in the worst possible point of the app by the way I'm glad I have to suffer through paying for VIP on so many accounts
( 12m 22s ) Karl Enrico: Thank you for waiting, about your rooms, can you please try logging out and logging in, then check if you can see your rooms again.
( 13m 21s ) Ghostthrasher0914: I have done that to know prevail but as far as being limited on joining live rooms I'm testing to see if there's a difference for her on joining whether it's a IMVU room or an IMVU Plus room
( 14m 31s ) Ghostthrasher0914: That's something I hadn't thought about being a difference until just now
( 15m 9s ) Karl Enrico: I see, but is she able to do so?
( 16m 14s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Well as soon as the stupid ad that hit you when you join a room goes away I'm sure she'll answer me LOL stand by
( 17m 1s ) Karl Enrico: I see.
( 17m 32s ) Ghostthrasher0914: And now for some reason even after it shows that somebody has left whenever I try to invite them back it says they're already in the room even though they're clearly not
( 18m 16s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Okay that is a negative she still cannot join even though it is not an IMVU plus so that is not it
( 19m 44s ) Karl Enrico: I see, please have your friend contact us by filing a ticket so we can assist him regarding this issue.
( 20m 8s ) Ghostthrasher0914: No that's not how we're going to handle this because I'm having the same issue with my accounts when I go to other people's lives as well
( 20m 39s ) Karl Enrico: I see, please wait, let me just check my resources.
( 21m 24s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Sure thing might as well keep your resources handy because you're going to need them frequently with me because I study and test before contacting
( 22m 22s ) Karl Enrico: Are you saying that your friend can able to enter the room but are not able to present?
( 22m 56s ) Ghostthrasher0914: That is correct they can chat but they cannot present no matter what my settings are on no matter who's in the room my devices are doing the same thing not to every room that are alive but frequently
( 26m 12s ) Karl Enrico: Hi, can you please try Uninstall/reinstall the app, then join a live room and clear the tutorial, please be noted that do not join a legacy type (public chat room) room, join a live room first and clear the tutorial.
( 27m 36s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Sigh ... Ok
( 28m 45s ) Karl Enrico: Thank, once done, please contact us back if the problem still occurs, so we can assist you.
( 29m 1s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Woah
( 29m 11s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Wait
( 29m 50s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Uninstalling now
( 30m 6s ) Ghostthrasher0914: So how long have you been doing this job if you don't mind me asking
( 34m 4s ) Ghostthrasher0914:
( 36m 47s ) Karl Enrico: We're very sorry for the long reply, I've been on this job for quite a long time now.
( 37m 48s ) Ghostthrasher0914: No worries I used to work in call centers and stuff back in the day so I understand there's a lot going on and I'm glad to know that you're not brand new with this odd problem that I know the chances of there being an answer page on is slim none to be honest LOL
( 38m 56s ) Karl Enrico: I see, don't worry I'll try my best to help you, by the way, are there any updates about the thing that I asked you to do on your rooms.
( 39m 36s ) Ghostthrasher0914: I am waiting for her to get it reinstalled and try and message me back unfortunately she's not here next to
( 39m 41s ) Karl Enrico: I see, we recommend that you try it on your end.
( 39m 46s ) Ghostthrasher0914: But we can address some of the other questions if you'd like
( 41m 20s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Like I'm also curious as to whether it's on YouTube's privacy policy update or this site but the majority of the songs on YouTube aren't streamable they say please watch on YouTube or video not available and it's weird because some of them our songs that you hear on the radio but yeah I can play songs that are actually explicit and they played just fine
( 41m 47s ) Karl Enrico: I see, it could also be the reason because Some video owners limit where their videos can be played. Because of these copyright issues, some videos will not work with our room decoration. If this happens, you can always search for a similar video so you and your friends can continue enjoying your Live Room!
( 42m 26s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Well I thought about that as well and so I went to my own YouTube account and uploads and some of mine played and some of mine wouldn't and I know for a fact that my privacy settings are not different
( 43m 0s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Okay so she was able to successfully join a live room now I'm going to try inviting her to mine and see if it still works
( 43m 29s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Actually no need because mine she invited me to the one that she was able to join and mine won't let me join now
( 44m 6s ) Karl Enrico: I see, now try doing it on your end.
( 44m 15s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Okay one second
( 45m 3s ) Karl Enrico: Sure.
( 45m 54s ) Ghostthrasher0914: I really wish I knew what version of the app specifically was the one before the update that removed my limited 3D and old navigation option. Could you find out which update specifically took away old navigation feature setting by chance?
( 48m 33s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Cuz I can't stand the new navigation setup to be honest with you I hate trying to move the camera
( 49m 51s ) Karl Enrico: I see we're very sorry we have no link about the old version of the app, and we really recommend to use the latest version of app to avoid bugs and other issues.
( 50m 46s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Yeah well that would be great if the updated one wasn't causing the bugs and problems for me. There hasn't been anything new put out that has improved anything about your app whatsoever since the update that came when everybody got to drive in room gifted
( 51m 40s ) Ghostthrasher0914: 0 73% installed
( 51m 46s ) Karl Enrico: I see we're very sorry for the inconvenience.
( 51m 51s ) Karl Enrico: Okay.
( 52m 59s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Happened to have any idea why you have to be in a live room for the media players to work on mobile by chance? I feel like if your room has a media player in it and you pay for VIP you should be allowed to enjoy your rooms in private honestly
( 53m 10s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Launching
( 54m 24s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Going through tutorial now
( 54m 35s ) Karl Enrico: I see.
( 54m 45s ) Karl Enrico: Thank you for updating.
( 54m 50s ) Ghostthrasher0914: So strange that that actually works
( 55m 5s ) Karl Enrico: Did it workked?
( 55m 12s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Well almost works
( 55m 27s ) Ghostthrasher0914: It like it gave me the buttons that time but they weren't working so I got to reload again
( 55m 57s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Yes after I did the tutorial in the live room it worked now if it'll allow her to join another live room and work we now have the work around and I will be passing along the information as I do always
( 56m 40s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Inside how much of a headache I get from you guys considering how much I try to help the community out it'd be nice if I can get some recognition for the things I do voluntarily somehow LOL
( 57m 49s ) Karl Enrico: Feel happy to know that, about your opinion about the control on live rooms, you may refer to this link: to voice it out.
( 58m 1s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Verified the uninstall complete tutorial through live room first workaround solves the inability to join live rooms so far
( 59m 12s ) Karl Enrico: All right, it feels nice to know that, will there be anything else I can help you with aside from this?
( 1h 0m 15s ) Ghostthrasher0914: I have so many more questions I don't even know if I want or what one to start with next
( 1h 0m 42s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Let me think for a minute I really hate to let you go and get somebody who doesn't know their job again
( 1h 1m 7s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Is the media screen from the drive-in the only mobile friendly media player I can put in my rooms
( 1h 2m 40s ) Karl Enrico: You can try, Dynamic TV Jumbo, Dynamic TV Wall, Dynamic TV Console, and Drive In Screen.
( 1h 3m 9s ) Karl Enrico: You may check you inventory if you have those.
( 1h 3m 9s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Okay I copied that message so I can remember the names thank you for that
( 1h 3m 29s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Now if they would just get it to where you could insert the media players on mobile it would be amazing
( 1h 3m 49s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Okay so now my next thing is I would like to find out why when my accounts were reactivated some rooms went missing
( 1h 4m 24s ) Karl Enrico: I see may I know which account you are referring to?
( 1h 5m 16s ) Ghostthrasher0914: @gageus is my Creator account and I had rooms up for sale and everything that were set up with the media screen already in them for mobile users to have more than the drive-in when I signed into my account a lot of my custom rooms that I created went missing from my inventory this also happened with another account
( 1h 5m 44s ) Ghostthrasher0914: And I'm trying to remember which one it was now but I believe this account actually the drive-in went missing and I had to buy it again if it wasn't on this one it was on a different one I have I have to figure out which one it was though
( 1h 6m 6s ) Ghostthrasher0914: I really hate having so many accounts to be honest every time one gets some sort of problem I have to create one and pay for VIP just to get help again
( 1h 8m 20s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Another headache I keep running into is I can use my PayPal and purchase through the app through the Google Play and it goes successful every time but if I try to use my PayPal to purchase from the website PayPal does a return on it which cost me one of my accounts that I had all the verifies the badges and everything I had it completely stacked with all the options and over 99 cents I was permanently disabled
( 1h 8m 41s ) Ghostthrasher0914: But I was able to turn around on a different account and spend $20 on credits just fine to the app
( 1h 9m 24s ) Karl Enrico: I see, sorry but I don't have any information regarding that..
( 1h 9m 50s ) Ghostthrasher0914: So we're not sure why my rooms went missing whenever I was grounded
( 1h 10m 28s ) Karl Enrico: But, regarding your creator account the room might have closed while the account was temporarily disabled.
( 1h 11m 0s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Meaning they removed it from my inventory because I was disabled but whenever they gave me the room I mean the account back some of them were there in some of them weren't
( 1h 11m 38s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Most specifically the one that really bothered me was the fact that on one of my accounts when I got it back the drive-in itself and the 18th birthday room were gone
( 1h 13m 29s ) Ghostthrasher0914: As far as the censoring of the media player in the YouTube is there a like guideline or some sort of systematic limiting based on music content being played? Because their songs that used to play that no longer Play No matter what video I choose it's like the titles are being monitored or something not by YouTube but by the player possibly
( 1h 14m 28s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Or maybe it's specific artists but it's like half of this artist songs will play in half of them won't is the part that's got me confused because there's no consistency to what loads and what won't you know
( 1h 16m 33s ) Karl Enrico: Because of copyright issues, some videos will not work with our room decoration. If this happens, you can always search for a similar video.
( 1h 17m 33s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Right that's what you said and I'm trying to explain to you that I've tried to play 13 different videos of the same song and it refuses to play but before the last update the song played just fine which is what makes me wonder what the update affected
( 1h 18m 24s ) Karl Enrico: I see, it is maybe because the videos are not copyrighted before but now they are under it.
( 1h 18m 36s ) Ghostthrasher0914: But I tell you what you've helped me with some pretty stiff unusual issues and gave me the know-how to help many others who have been struggling so I will give you a break good sir I appreciate your patience and understanding and I will let you go for now and I will start with somebody else for a while lol
( 1h 19m 18s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Well I know for a fact that my video uploads are not under any new copyright they're my personal mixes and some play some don't so I'll just keep working with it but it's ridiculous how many songs used to play and now they won't
( 1h 20m 44s ) Ghostthrasher0914: But again you have been very helpful and I hope that there will be more like you who will have answers or know how to obtain those I've had supervisors hang up on me intentionally
( 1h 22m 19s ) Ghostthrasher0914: One easy quick question for you actually for my final question for karl LOL
( 1h 22m 45s ) Ghostthrasher0914: When I look at somebody's homepage and they have their friends list available is there a way to see the entire friends list and not just the little preview box?
( 1h 24m 45s ) Karl Enrico: Let me just check my resources, please wait for a moment.
( 1h 25m 34s ) Ghostthrasher0914: No problem hopefully I'm not seeing too much of a annoyance for you haha take your time
( 1h 26m 56s ) Karl Enrico: Thank you for waiting, upon checking there are no way to view the entire friendlists.
( 1h 27m 39s ) Ghostthrasher0914: That's a shame I don't know why they even have it as a box on your thing in the first place then if you can't go through the list but okay thank you for your time you have a wonderful day and a happy Easter if Easter a thing for you
( 1h 28m 16s ) Karl Enrico: I'm glad that I was able to help you. Thank you for contacting us. Feel free to contact us again whenever you have concerns and queries, we'll be happy to assist you. Have a nice day, bye!
( 1h 28m 37s ) Ghostthrasher0914: Oh you hear from me a lot I promise you that take care

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