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by Don Von Alpha Dom · 15 posts
13 years ago
Posted 13 years ago · Author
Set-up and instructions
1. First off you need to install firefox, if you aren't already using firefox get it here:
2. Then you have to install the ublock origin plus, download and install it from here: ... ck-origin/

3. Click on the ublock icon then click on the ublock title in the small window that pops up.

4. Now you're on the settings screen for ublock. Click the "my filters" tab and enter the desired tracker URL.

Importing Filter lists
1. Click on the ublock icon then click on the ublock title in the small window that pops up.
2. Now you're on the settings screen for ublock. Click the "my filters" tab and then click the "import and append" button

Text File: ... _list2.txt
Click it and navigate to the file, in this case tracker_adblock_list2.txt. Select "Append" when you're prompted, press "apply" and the filters are ready.
You will have to check back every now and then for new filters and repeat this step.

ublock filters out the links specified from the page. It prevents the filtered tags and URLs from loading so no information is passed to the tracker, thus the tracker is pointless and useless.
Posted 13 years ago
Nice, I recently collected adblock myself, along with a lot of other firefox adons, been looking for some good filters.

Oh, very interesting site. I've found several programs that have proven extremely valuable to me through there, so any of you who like to find misc. effective programs and see interesting tips, it's a nice place to stop by for a few minutes every few weeks.
Posted 13 years ago
This is all very useful, make links.
Posted 12 years ago
just got that addon thank you so much
is there a way to check if its working or not ?
Posted 12 years ago
Yes, you can try out some of the trackers from other threads, and try to use them on yourself.

got it .. thanx
Posted 12 years ago
that is usefull , :)
not just for hacking , for the security of all too.
ooo windows got alexa allready installed I am trying to find an other way to getrind of it insted of creating a crappi windows that will be unstable...

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