by blueDay · 15 posts
3 months ago
Posted 3 months ago · Author
has anybody tried this online game?

any impressions, positive or negative?

i would prefer not to give them a CC number, just to see how it looks :p
Posted 2 months ago

Ah, it's one of those "choose your gender" .... "try not to cum in 30 seconds" games you see advertised on porn hub. Those are all low budget scam games.

Sources :
https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxeja5/ ... on-pornhub
https://www.steamygamer.com/blog/fake-p ... void-scams

Most of the games you see advertised on porn sites, are not actually pornographic. After you pay, it is just a normal game ... or at best it is a cheap rip off of what looks like an early 2000's flash game .... with some ripped images / videos tossed in as "rewards" or backgrounds as you play Tetris or some stupid shit like that.
Posted 2 months ago
if your looking for a good pay to play sex game check out 3dxchat.
Posted 2 months ago
yes it supports Oculus VR Head set
Posted 2 months ago · Author
Don Von Alpha Dom wrote:
Those are all low budget scam games.

@Don Von Alpha Dom

yeah, it looked scammy so there was no way i was going to give them a CC number or anything like that.

however, there are quite a few videos floating around on the Net that look pretty much like overwatch except they are adult.

are those coming from a game... or...?

-- Tue Apr 12, 2022 7:34 am --

terryracer wrote:
if your looking for a good pay to play sex game check out 3dxchat.


yeah, it is promising. also, meredian, which is being discussed in another thread:

Posted 2 months ago

Someone made an overwatch porn parody on pornhub years ago and the company that makes overwatch (Blizzard) took legal actions to take down said porn back in 2016. As a big fuck you to Blizzard, people have been protesting the action by flooding porn sites with home made overwatch porn for the past 6 years.
Posted 2 months ago
I’ve watched a lot of Overwatch porn in my time (FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES), and I appreciate the effort Brazzers put into rock-solid recreations of Reaper and Widowmaker, but their movie barely did anything for me. I hardly laughed or felt a tingling in my nethers. I am, however, now stuck with a self-renewing Brazzers subscription that I really need to figure out how to delete.

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