Avakin life

by DARKSHADOW715 · 6 posts
2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago · Author
Does any of you ever tried the avakin life game , it's mostly available on mobile I was the member of this game for 4-5 years before I get to know about it.
That game has become dead as there are not any people who really talks there and graphics aren't that ok. And sometimes I think imvu is basically moving in same direction sometimes you will find most rooms are dull Noone chats to strangers.
What are your opinions on it?
Posted 2 months ago
never tried it tbh people was calling it the knock-off version of imvu i want to try second life to be honest
Posted 2 months ago
Avakin life reminds me of The Sims. I have tried playing it but I don't think that I liked it so I don't know much about it, maybe I would give it another try. Basically, these type of games(IMVU, Avakin life...) are about meeting new people online and roleplaying most likely. What matters the most in these social simulations is the interaction with other players, obviously. Other than that graphics are okay-ish for a mobile, though the gameplay might not be for everyone. As for someone that likes roleplaying, I literally don't mind graphics when it comes down to that. I haven't played it much so I can't say a lot about the avatar customization but it was looking similar to IMVU. So yeah, I might give it another try in future.
Posted 2 months ago · Author

Yeah, people here also gave some opinions about second life I am also thinking of trying it, but still it's like all time is gone in other things and remaining in imvu, when the account is new there are lots of things to do,and as It gets old there is nothing much left to do at all rather than finding some unique things.

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Yeah that's why I liked avakin life too, I don't mind much the graphics before and mostly was interested in roleplay, most important thing was to have community or people to chat but there seems not many people there now who like to chat in public, all public chats seems dead, even if someone is interested to talk they want that other person start the talk, so it always being silence in public chats, and as It allows the teens too without any limits on anything it gets really messy.
Posted 2 months ago

met few avakin players on IMVU and most of them prefer IMVU than Avkn
Posted 2 months ago

It is like that most of the time. Usually, people are waiting for someone else to talk to them or there are people just joining in and saying "Hi" then they leave immediately. I guess most people are just shy to talk to strangers online or probably they have other reasons, but don't give up because it's very VERY hard to find people that you really like talking to and feeling good in their presence.

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