Interesting plugins for 3Ds max and more

by Axiom · 6 posts
8 years ago
Posted 5 years ago
are these bad links ? i dont want malware
Posted 5 years ago
I clicked the links themselves. Nothing bad. I wish I knew more about 3d studio max
Posted 5 years ago
BlackJack21 wrote:
are these bad links ? i dont want malware

The links are fine, the original poster was banned for other reasons.
Posted 5 years ago
I appreciate the tutorial links, getting better with 3d Studo Max is something I have been interested in doing for awhile
Posted 5 years ago
This is one of the best solutions for creating huge surfaces of trees and plants. Traditionally, creating large amounts of vegetation was laborious, memory intensive and nigh-on impossible to carry out effectively. Forest Pack does away with all the hassle by providing not only the scattering tools, but also large libraries of photorealistic trees and plants.
It does what is says on the tin. This plugin will let you create individually boarded floors, perfect for wooden floors or similar. There are plenty of customization tools that allow for inserting randomness to the geometry. Using this plugin alongside MultiTexture will let you create realistic and randomly placed textures to your floors.
It's surprising how many of our scenes benefit from parametric solutions and that is where Railclone comes in. If you can define your objects by a set of mathematical rules, then this plugin will do the rest for you. But don't be fooled, it's not just for railings! They have shown that it can be used for other things like placing books or chairs in a stadium for example.
3ds Max ships with mental ray as its primary rendering solution, but there are others out there! Maxwell is an excellent option. It's been around for years, is incredibly stable and will deliver beautiful results with its physically perfect materials and lights. A very trustworthy plugin.

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