Beginners. Create a simple bracelet.

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by Soli · 2 posts
4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago · Author
Hi Guys, :excitedwave:

Here is my first tutorial on 3dsmax. This is a very basic and simple tutorial. No fancy techniques. This tutorial is just intended to get you guys comfortable with the basics and creating a simple accessory. There are definitely better ways to go about this and as you learn them, I do hope that you will share your knowledge with the rest of the community. If you're new to working with 3dsmax, you should still share. I've learned that a lot of the time, baby steps are helpful. New creators can usually follow other basic tutorials and build on that instead of trying to jump into something more complex with very little knowledge. Let's help build each other up. All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.

IMVUNecessities includes:
3DS Max 2017 Cal3D Drivers: cal3d.dll, cal3d_max_exporter.dle

Thanks to YouTube and their copyright rules, a portion of the audio had to be removed on this video. You can still see what is being done but here is the basic gist of it. I am selecting editable poly in order to change the shape of the bracelet. Once editable poly is selected from the modifiers tab, I chose vertices and then collapsed 3 together to change the shape. You don't have to collapse, that was just to show u guys how. You do need to choose editable poly before you can unwrap the uvw map. Once you have the map unwrapped and are viewing it, just make sure that the entire map is inside the checkered square. If it is not, highlight the map and use the select and move or select and rotate tools that are inside the edit uvw map window.
Posted 4 years ago
nice work

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