Obtaining someones COMPUTER IP (not router IP)

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by Mew · 10 posts
10 years ago
Posted 10 years ago · Author
i have found a site that when someone clicks on a link that you give them (or in my case, embed it on a hidden panel on HP) it will load a page telling them their IP address. and also with a link that this site gives you, you can see the IP addresses of the people that click on the links.

Here is the address for the site: http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/ind ... -about-you
First, if you do not wish for this to send them to see their IP info (keep it more secretive) scroll down to where it says "Redirect URL: http://" and in the box fill in the URl you wish to redirect them to (I.E. http://www.google.com).
Also if you wish to have the link not say "myiptest.com" i would suggest useing a URL shorten-er like "Tiny URL" Or the google URL shorten-er.

Then you copy the code in the box next to "Link for person:"
and you give that to them, and when they click on it, it will either send them to a url that you put in the redirect, or it will send them to a page that tells them their IP and info.

Now here is the fun part, once they click on the URL you can go to the URL in the box that says "Link for you:" and it will redirect you to a page that tells you when someone clicked the URL and their IP address, and my favorite part, What page they clicked the link at.

If you wish to test this out just to see what the pages look like here they are:
Link for them: (No Redirect) http://www.myiptest.com/img.php?id=cls4zf8s81
Link For Yourself: http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/ind ... &show_ip=1
I have tested this by putting it on my IMVU HP so there is probably my school's IP address in there already :oops:

Now once you get them to click on the link, and you obtain their URL you can go here: http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/index.php/IP-Lookup
and where it says "Lookup IP address | Trace IP" in the box below it, enter Their IP address and click on the "Check it" button.
and then it will give you their:
    Proxy (If any)
    Host Name
    Country code

Now From just now retesting it, i have found out, it doesn't give you the IP that their Router gives the computer, it gives you the computers actual IP address. even if they are using any proxy.


Now if you wish to embed this into a website link your IMVU homepage, i will gladly provide you a code to do so.

<iframe frameborder="0" width="2px" height="2px" src="LINKFORPERSONHERE"></iframe>

then anyone that views your IMVU HP you will have their IP address, and if you look at your recent visitors panel you could "match up" the IP to the most recent person that viewed your profile.
(since the IP addresses are kept in a list at when the people clicked on them)

I looked through the Forums (somewhat) and i couldnt find anything that was really like this, but i figured it would help us get some Intel on people if we wish to keep track of them.
and i believe there is a way to "infect" them with a keylogger and then if they log into IMVU we would be able to gain access to their accounts. also if we got a forum moderator to click on this, and we were able to successfully give them a keylogger, then Don Von, you would be able to see those hidden forums you wanted to see (idk if you have seen them already).
Posted 10 years ago
OMG I love this.Thanks heather xD
Posted 10 years ago · Author
oh yeah lol i forgot that some browsers block frames that small lol
well thank you for doing that xD
Posted 7 years ago
thanks everyone,
I believe this is the code for HTML " <iframe frameborder="0" width="2px" height="2px" src="LINKFORPERSONHERE"></iframe>" which you have given but, I really don't know how to embed it into my imvu HP, would you teach me how?
Posted 5 years ago
So ...

I am VERY interested on the "infect them with a keylogger" bit.

Any news on that?
Posted 5 years ago
NoOne wrote:
So ...I am VERY interested on the "infect them with a keylogger" bit.Any news on that?

Keylogger is something that essentially logs what a person types etc. These are usually easily detected from anti-viruses if they are encrypted.
Posted 1 year ago
Im a noob i been searching forever to track someones ip address without them clicking on it coz they aint dumb bruh
Posted 1 year ago
Actually this gold mine depending on what kinda of personality you have thanks for the share

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